If You Play One Game This Month, Let It Be CrossCode

Khayl writes: "Cross Code is a beautiful 2D action-RPG coming to consoles July 9 that features challenging combat, fiendish puzzles and stellar writing. Dont' sleep on it."

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Stanjara684d ago

I played a bit on my PC and it's really great.
Will pick this up on ps4 for the big screen.
Has little something for everyone 9/10

Teflon02684d ago

I've owned on pc for a while. Haven't started yet but it does look great

Tross684d ago

I'm getting a bit of a .hack// or SAO vibe. It seems lit. I might check it out.

medman683d ago

Don't tell me what to do. You're not the boss of me.

MongooseJV683d ago

If you are a fan of Secret of Mana then this game is a must play. Graphics, music and gameplay that all throw you immediately back to those SNES days and yet still feels fresh for today!