Cross-Platform Play Should Be Standard For All Multiplayer Games on PS5 and Xbox Series Consoles

Cross-platform play is one aspect of gaming players have been critical of the last couple of years. It is lauded when it is present and demanded when it is absent. The gaming community’s response to this is completely understandable, of course. We’ve always loved playing games with our friends. Even before the pre-internet days of old, being able to play with our friends using modem cables or split screens has always been a delight.

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GoodGuy0939d ago

As long as you have the option to exclude pc on consoles. I do have many buddies split on platforms so crossplay is great. Id like to especially see more mmos and co op games have it as well, wishing warframe and destiny implement it some day and hopefully godfall does it too.

Cmv3838d ago

I don't know about standard, but I wouldn't mind seeing more. But I do find it rather funny, when Sony allegedly was blocking cross play, a lot of outcry. Sony allowed it for every game, and i don't see a vocal outcry for games. Almost like it was a forced issue....hmmm

Abnor_Mal38d ago

People just wanted to try and hold Sony feet to the fire, but as you said once it was allowed everyone became church mice.

Because many see Sony as the darling of the industry with superior game of the year winning and contending single player games with great stories and cinematic flair others try to tarnish their shine whenever they see a sliver of a chance to do so.

The not so new thing people are trying to force is for Sony to put all their first party games on PC, some even want day and date like other consoles that don't require the console to play their games.

Also for Sony to adopt a system more like Game pass, but if Sony were to follow suit as they wish, there would still be some to say that Sony is not original and only copies.

L7CHAPEL38d ago

Fanboys are going to be fanboys on either side, I still think it's a great idea to keep a community thriving for much longer than it would normally and with a new generation of games coming up I think we'll see it use a lot more.
sony can be hesitant, to change at times, but I don't think they were any more hesitant then say Microsoft would have been, if the situation were reversed, I think it's really what your community wants, they allow it and it's not used it certainly not on them.

rainslacker38d ago

It's possible we'll see more now that MS has finally decided to allow it. There was not much interest in it from publishers for years because MS wasn't on board. People neglect it was MS inaction on this matter for years that delayed, not the couple years after Spencer decided to play the good guy when it was apparent he could fan those flames after the Rocket League dev said something. Before that, it's not like MS was trying to publicly make it into an issue. Making it a thing between the consoles was never going to be an overnight solution. It wouldn't have been 15 odd years ago, it wasn't a couple years ago.

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Atom66638d ago

Fortnite was the one that really broke it open. Sony got hit with negative MSM reporting from just that one (albeit huge) title more so than any other before it. The MS & Nintendo commercial was a mere cherry on top, but when you have friendly supporters like Geoff Keighley and Greg Miller speaking up about it, Sony had to respond.

Don't care about your 15 year old grudge on this. Some of us pushed for it for years and are quite happy to see us closer to full adoption. We pushed for it because it makes sense. People pushed against it because...console war!

15 years ago didn't have the numbers of indie devs we see today; nor did it have GaaS titles with integrated cross platform profiles where users are being tied to a game's ecosystem rather than just the console like we see today.

Games and services have evolved. I understand Spencer is the boogie man, but maybe there's a bit more at play than his evil trickery.

rainslacker38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I never said it was difficult to implement, I said that it was never going to happen right away. Two closed, and independently moderated networks between competitors don't just start working together overnight, when one company decides it's on board. Even if both companies were on board 100%, they would still take time to figure out the details, who is responsible for what in terms of moderation(thinking of the children), create API's that keep both networks secure, and implement compliance policies and roll them out to devs.


I have no grudge. I couldn't care less to be honest. But, people love to blame Sony for taking a couple years to finally budge because they assume Sony was just sitting there refusing MS calls, but didn't seem to have any problem with MS taking all those years prior delaying the inevitable, nor did those people seem to care about the feature before Spencer decided to play the good guy, and Spencer didn't care to play the good guy until he saw that it could be used to make him, and Xbox, look like the good guy.

Abnor_Mal38d ago

As I've said from the very beginning, as long as the option is given to disable crossplay with other consoles and or PC, then I don't see a problem, just give people a choice.

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