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"Mafia 3: Definitive Edition doesn’t change much. In fact, it doesn't even fix the bugs that were apparent in the original release. All in all, it's enjoyable as part of the current bundle offerings tiding us over until the release of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

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seanpitt231445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Why would you make a definitive edition of this game it was a poor average game in the first place why waste resources.

Abnor_Mal1445d ago

I need to replay this game again with the DLC. I think I read recently there was a patch that downgraded the game in some way, not sure if it was the resolution.

Anyway I need to replay and do the DLC and try for the platinum.

smolinsk1445d ago

This must be my biggest disappointment of any console generation. Ohh my.. What horrible experience on so many levels.

Kuma1445d ago

I loved this game. Part of what made it good was the music similar to GTA5

Abnor_Mal1445d ago

Shhhhh, its apparently against the rules to love or even like this game.

By the way, I also loved this game and plan on replaying it soon for the plat and the DLCs.

HankHill1445d ago

Awful game. Hopefully they don't ruin Mafia 1 too.

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Mafia 3 Deserves A Little More Respect

More people should be making a trip to this bayou.

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cbuc1125706d ago

Agreed....game was fantastic. Especially as a person of color, I enjoyed the side missions.

705d ago
Kakashi Hatake705d ago

I'm Black myself, which is different from Lincoln who is bi racial. (It's trendy to ignore that mixed people are half White for some reason) What would color have to do with enjoying a game like this? Imagine if people playing God of War were like "Gee, I'm enjoying playing as a White person right now". If we want others to relate to things other than skin color, we have to start setting an example as "People of Color" (That term is so stupid btw)

InklingGirl705d ago

I wonder if this comment will get removed like mine? It shouldn't but I'm just curious.

LucasRuinedChildhood705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

"What would color have to do with enjoying a game like this?"

Skin colour matters a lot in the story and setting of Mafia 3. It even affects the gameplay.

The comparison to God Of War doesn't make sense.

I'm Irish (as in, a person born in Ireland), and I'd probably enjoy a game where you can fight in the Irish War of Independence ... a bit more than the average Brit. lol. Who cares? If a British person "Imagine if ...", I'd just laugh.

LucasRuinedChildhood705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

*said "Imagine if ..."

Also, it is cool when you play an Irish character in a game who doesn't put on a leprechaun accent like Tom Cruise did. "Shannon! Tell me you like my hat!" https://youtu.be/eKrEVWGTuR...

Terry_B706d ago

nah..its mediocre and repetitive.

Demetrius706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

I played it once and it was very frustrating compared to mafia 2 I like to enjoy games not get raged all up 😂😂

XbladeTeddy705d ago

It was repetitive and boring. Not a good game at all.

Yi-Long706d ago

The game looked interesting, and from the trailers it seemed it had a great soundtrack, but the buggy release (AI) and disappointing reviews made me pass on it. No idea if they ever fixed its shortcomings post-launch.

XbladeTeddy705d ago

They could only polish a turd so much. Wasn't good at release and isn't good now.

MadLad705d ago

Weakest game in the series.

AuraAbjure705d ago

People said that about Wolfenstein:Youngblood. I played youngblood and it is a masterpiece and so awesome and entertaining and badass, with ray tracing too. Is Mafia 3 a great game on its own merit? I understand compared to the other Mafias, you feel it's weak.

MadLad703d ago

I respectfully disagree.