I Showed Solidarity With Cyberpunk Players By Playing Mafia 3

Cultured Vultures: Cyberpunk 2077's buggy launch has disappointed lots of players, so Ash unintentionally showed solidarity with them by playing through Mafia 3.

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ArchangelMike203d ago

Yeah, I really tried to enjoy Cyberpunk, but man I can't help but be dissaponted in the whole thing. Playing on consoles is such a kick in the teeth because the makings of a great game is buried deep in there somewhere.

Anyway, I've officially abandoned Cyberpunk and I've been playing 13 Sentinels. FIrst time I've played a game like it, and so far I'm really enjoying it. Much more than I did Cyberpunk 2077 anyway.

CYALTR203d ago

I had the same issues playing Mafia 3, not so much with the glitches, but the repetitious mission gameplay. I put it down after about 8 hours and haven't been back. I did enjoy the story and now that I have been reminded of it, I'll probably give it another chance.

As far as CP2077 goes, I am playing on a Xbox One X and haven't run into many issues yet. I tend to play games pretty slowly, so they may just be patching bugs before I run into them, but so far it has been a fun game. A bit tough to get into as it's a bit overwhelming, but I'm starting to get into the flow now that I have completed the prologue.

I think that this is an extremely "deep" game with much to discover. Unfortunately it seems that they just ran out of time and had to make compromises in both content and gameplay. I am just hanging onto the fact that this is much how Witcher 3 went to, and that eventually developed into one of my all time favorite games. Give it another 6 months and I think it will be a very good to great game. Obviously it will always play much better on high end PC's and next gen consoles. If you are running a base console and plan on upgrading, you will probably want to wait to buy this. Remember this isn't even the final game for next gen, it is just playing the old version on older hardware. When the optimized version launches in a couple of months, it will be time to judge the next gen version.

This is a lesson about preordering games. I almost never do it anymore, there really is no reason, it's not like there are a shortage of games available with digital downloads available. Preorders are a dinosaur from the past, but 8 million people plopped their money down early. I don't know, maybe have a tiny bit of patience and wait to see how things shake out a launch? What other things are we willing to put down money for months in advance for a promised but ultimately unknown product?

I'm not letting CDPR off the hook for this, but as a consumer you have to take a little bit of responsibility to protect yourself. While everyone likes to say CDPR is consumer friendly, etc., which I think for the most part is true, they are a publicly owned company whose first responsibility is to their share holders. Now as it turns out, this cluster of a launch hurt the shareholders as well, and they are pissed to the point they are filing a lawsuit, so this worked out for nobody, but they were attempting to satisfy shareholders by not delaying...again.

Remember, as a company, CDPR is not a very experienced AAA developer. They had a big and somewhat supprising hit with Witcher 3, and now they are playing with the big boys, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, MS, etc., companies with massive staff, management and experience. Even with all of the experience the big boys have, they frequently screw up as badly as CDPR. The good thing is that I think they really care about their reputation and will really try to right this ship. Will it satisfy everyone? Of course not, nothing ever does, but I'm hopeful.

XxINFERNUSxX203d ago

I played this instead again: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, love that game.

Kabaneri203d ago

I deleted it from my PS5, gonna do a new playthrough when the game gets fixed (hopefully by this summer).

GreenDragonCVR203d ago

Both of these are fantastic games. Too bad the world is full of superficial gonks. "I'd rather a shit idea well-expressed, than astounding, sick concepts with technical issues" - everyone [about both Cyberpunk and Mafia iii].

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The story is too old to be commented.