Looking Back: Some obscure FromSoftware games

''Last time we talked about some lesser-known FromSoftware games, it's time to go beyond it and showcase some obscure titles which were made by the aforementioned company. In case you have missed the previous article, hop in and read it from here. Bear in mind that some of these games aren't worth playing, but they are worth discussing for informative purposes''

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NeoGamer232393d ago

I quite enjoyed Ninja Blade on X360 as well.

AK91393d ago

Was the QTE heavy game that was Asura's Wrath before Asura's Wrath?

NeoGamer232393d ago

At least the combat in Ninja Blade had challenge to it. Asura's Wrath combat was garbage.

AK91393d ago

Wait they did Chromehounds? I had no idea