FIFA Needs Change | Lootboxes Outlawed in the UK?

EA Sports face a predicament when it comes to packs in FIFA 21. Lawmakers in the UK have ruled lootboxes as gambling. How will this affect FIFA going forward?

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xTonyMontana40d ago

Clickbait, Lootboxes are not outlawed in the UK.

monkey60240d ago

Bad choice of words maybe but not clickbait. Being classed as gambling now means it should not be accessible by minors. So EA does need to make a huge change now

SierraGuy39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Has to start somewhere.

Loot boxes for 18+. Age verification.

Sadface for EA.

Happy face for me.

They make billions off mt ....I'm sorry I just don't see it being reinvested in game design as they release the same games year after year.

nirwanda40d ago

Simple solution have loot boxes but not to purchase in FIFA and have to be earned, then have a free to pay model with loot boxes and a battle pass system and an age rating.
Keep the two versions separate to keep it fair.

Phoenix7639d ago

To screw more money out of people when it becomes to much of a hassle to include lootboxes, all EA and others will do is raise the price of games. 2k are already looking into trying this shitty tactic