Hyper Scape: Technical Test Gameplay

Here is a look at the new game Hyper Scape in action during it’s Technical test.

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Garethvk41d ago

Battle Royale is not my thing and the guns need to have a higher capacity for my liking. But I am sure people will like it and others like myself will not be blow away by it.

Garethvk39d ago

I wonder if the graphics will improve as it nears completion.

boing141d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Not a fan of bullet sponge enemies.

Garethvk41d ago

That as well. I could not tell if the guns are just underpowered and need to be fused to be effective or if they had decent armor. You could see on the range how it took multiple hits to take one down.

Garethvk39d ago

I am not liking the weapons. Slow fire and reloads, limited clips, they seem nerfed as well. It may be a design to keep balance and up the challenge but as I said; not a huge Battle Royale fan.