Here are some new screenshots for Dirt 5

A couple of weeks ago, Codemasters revealed the release date for Dirt 5. And today, the team has released a new set of screenshots for this upcoming racer.

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42d ago
BenRC0142d ago

Code masters have the worst history of bullshots in gaming. We saw the trailer, it looks very last gen, hence 120fps.

DrDeath42d ago

I didnt look impressive by the trailer.

We don't need 120fps. Give us 60

Most tv only do 4k 60 anyways. Obvious some higher end ones do but i bet 85% of us have 60hz tv

TheRealTedCruz42d ago

What about people who play on monitors?

Minute Man 72141d ago

My know broken LG (forgot the model) that I bought March 2019 supports 120fps.