Inside Xbox Series X Optimized: The Medium

When it launches this holiday, Xbox Series X will be the most powerful console the world has ever seen. One of the biggest benefits of all that power is giving developers the ability to make games that are Xbox Series X Optimized.

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Daniel218332d ago

4K with ray tracing . The mighty XSX is flexing its muscles again !!!

Minute Man 72132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Nonsense, with ray tracing expect the game to actually be 1440p /s. 😜

AngelicIceDiamond32d ago

Downvotes for no reason they just confirmed its 4k 60 with RT.

GamerRN32d ago

4k 60 with RT!? But my Sony friends said that isn't possible...

StoneyYoshi32d ago

The article said nothing about 60FPS... Care to share where they did? It sounds like the game is planned to be more cinematic which may mean it will be running at 4k 30 with RT which is still great though!

SpartanYalo32d ago

It doesn’t say 60fps anywhere.

Tacoboto32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

They did not confirm 60fps at 4K for The Medium. The reference on that page was for Call of the Sea, the article below it.

Edit: They only confirmed [email protected] for The Medium. If they don't say 60fps, it's safer to assume it won't be there for this game.

CaptainHenry91632d ago

I read the article. It doesn't say anything about 60 fps LMFAO

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lazyboyblue32d ago

It's a powerful machine for sure but that article was straight up wierd.
Wierd because it contradicts their own strategy. Bloomer state they can't make the game cross gen.
"Unlike many cross-gen titles revealed so far, The Medium is a next-gen only game. We don’t have any porting plans for current-gen consoles, so the Xbox Series X will offer the experience we always meant for the game."
That's in direct contradiction to what Microsoft say and how they are pushing games as scalable.
" I also strongly believe that as we see more games developed specifically for the new generation, genuine breakthroughs and innovations will shortly follow." - Not for at least 2 years though. (On xbox).

Bloomer sound like they agree with Sony on next gen.

Fishy Fingers32d ago

MS first party are the only devs to honour the cross platform support for 2 years. They have not put that requirement on 3rd parties.

Looper32d ago

This game isn't scalable because of its use of the SSD in the Series X.
Transition between the two realities instantly is a key part of what the game is and that aspect cannot be scaled.

There is however no reason a game like Spider-Man Miles Morales cannot work on PS4. In fact a lot of the games Sony showed on their reveal were cross gen, just none made by Sony

lazyboyblue32d ago

@Fishy Well obviously or blooper wouldn't be releasing on just series X 🙄

Fishy Fingers32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

"straight up wierd"

"contradicts their own strategy"

"Not for at least 2 years though"

Didnt seem obvious to you dude, quite the opposite so just thought I'd help elevate your confusion...

lazyboyblue32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

@Cooper yes exactly. They're holding back by not fully utilising the ssd & incorporating that into design for 1st party games (the most important ones).

Imo this will hurt them. Let's say everything shown later this month looks fantastic. There will be many who will still wonder if those games would look and play better if they were exclusive to series X.

I'm still getting the X. Is not a deal breaker but the policy is completely anti-creative and utterly corporate.

lazyboyblue32d ago

@Fishy The whole article is about not being able to make their game on past gen. That was clue enough for anybody to twig. I'm referring to Xbox and their 1st party policy.

darthv7232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

This isnt a 1st party game. Only MS has said they (their 1st party teams) will be making cross gen games for two years (this one and next). 3rd party are on their own if they want to follow suit or only make xbo games or only make SX games. No contradiction here... just your misunderstanding that this game is under the same umbrella as other MS games.

lazyboyblue32d ago

@Darth No my friend I'm fully aware we are talking about a 3rd party game. I'm saying that their statements throw shade on Microsoft's OWN strategy. It's wierd because it's a Microsoft article.

rlow132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

So I remember an interview from IGN unlocked with phil. he said that games would be allowed to target next gen only. That it was up to the developer. So, it does flip the script somewhat. But this type of game may be in the minority and the Majority would be delivered across the spectrum. Interesting

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I_am_Batman32d ago

Really intrigued by the setting and concept of this game. The world shifting stuff sounds amazing and might be another great showcase of why mass storage I/O matters. Does anyone know if the July event is just for first party or also console exclusives like The Medium? I'd love to see some gameplay.

DJStotty31d ago

I would say mainly 1st party, but they will show deals with 3rd party, as well as any game really that is on the Series X.

But primarily, the focus will be on 1st party.

FanboySpotter31d ago

I think medium will be there they've been responding a lot to people on twitter and said they were working hard on showing gameplay soon so at the event I'm guessing.

BillyG0AT32d ago

With this new console architecture I hope we start to see more games being ported from PC rather than to PC.

Father__Merrin32d ago

no... consoles need to be developed for first and foremost. they can port it to pc later. you cant have a game built ground up for an octo core cpu lots of ram and 2080ti and then hope for the best that lesser comps which is the overwhelming majority struggle to get the right settings.

consoles always first....

BillyG0AT32d ago

You know they have more than one configuration on PC? Probably less than one percent of people have those type of specs on PC.

Battlestar2332d ago

Wish it was 120FPS i mean the XSX has 12.1TF where is the extra power going.

DerfDerf32d ago

Well obviously it's going into graphical features that matter like increased post processing because the game looks gorgeous.

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Minute Man 72132d ago

@ Battlestar

Ray Tracing @ 4k is the extra powa that won't make a difference

StoneyYoshi32d ago

Funny thing about this is the fact that so many people want to have 120FPS games but they forget they most likely do not have a TV to take advantage of 120fps.

Minute Man 72132d ago

My now broken 4K tv ( bought last March ) supports 120fps

DJStotty31d ago

Same with the audio for both, the majority will not have the sound system required to support all the channels.

DJStotty31d ago

I'm surprised they did not mention "halo, forza, gears" in the comment...

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Yodasfavoritesoda32d ago

Gonna be an amazing looking game!