bouzebbal4d ago

nice! Yet another highly anticipated game!
gotta finish the ridiculous tlou2 before so i can delete 100Gigs of wasted space.

TripleAAARating4d ago

Why don't you just delete the "ridiculous" tlou2 at once? why the need to finish it?.... 😂 ya'll are a pathetic bunch, I pity you, like seriously.

TheKingKratos4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


just ignore him... he is attention whore
all of them are like that wonder no one take them seriously

itsfunkky4d ago

at least try to be good at trolling, jesus.

bouzebbal4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

why don't you just type what you have to say about the topic and GTFO.
i am allowed to say that a critically acclaimed game is shit, cause it's what i feel. and i don't have space on my HDD for Tsushima because of TLOU's massive space requirement, and looking forward to delete it.

@KingKratos: no, i'm just no review scores whore like all you whores are.

no one asked you to reply back. it's my right to say what i feel like, and what you think is the last of my worries.

SunGod4d ago

You do say it a lot though, bud - everyone knows you don't like the game, but you don't half go on about it, so that might be why these guys are assuming you're just trolling.

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as most. Here's hoping GOT is more up your alley.

WillyC0093d ago

Yes, it is your right to say what you feel. It most definitely is your right to be brain dead clown as well.

Keep strong, you’re the keyboard ‘realist’ we all need right now. You certainly provide me a good laugh when you post :)

S2Killinit3d ago

Im loving TLOU2. What an awesome game.

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BigBosss4d ago

Cant wait! Comes out a few days after my birthday :)

jznrpg4d ago

It comes out almost 100 days after my birthday but I’m still happy! :p

-Foxtrot4d ago

I am so ready for this, I hope they pull it off it looks fantastic

ninsigma4d ago

Yep me too. Very excited. The mechanics look awesome 😁
Hopefully they pull off the side quests side of things as well to make it engaging in all areas!

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