First Crysis Remastered vs Crysis PC Vanilla Comparison Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "A few hours ago, we shared the first screenshots and the first gameplay trailer for Crysis Remastered. And, as you may have guessed, the first comparison screenshots between Crysis Remastered and Crysis PC have surfaced online."

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ps3rider4d ago

"Crysis Remastered in this scene looks a bit cartoonish, to be honest." so true ... never seen a remaster worst than original

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ABizzel14d ago (Edited 4d ago )

This is a mixed bag, however, most of the changes are actually positive, it's just the negative changes really stand out.


It looks drastically oversaturated in comparison to the original. It lost the subdued look and gone full Far Cry.
There's way less foliage on the beach scene
The colors are more accurate, but somehow look as they said cartoony (could be time of day)


There's more detail in models (sharper)
There more foliage in the 3rd scene
Drastically better shadows
Better Antialisiaing
Again even though it looks cartoony at time, the color are more accurate for an island

We still need to see particle effects, more character models, physics improvements, and performance to know the full story.

LordoftheCritics4d ago

The remaster lost the tone of the original. Tone is critical.

Vegamyster4d ago

I don't see more foliage in any of these scenes, especially the first one which has less than half the amount of trees. That said these might be base console screenshots with the PC and upgraded consoles looking better, hopefully that's the case.

bouzebbal4d ago

to answer your last sentence with particle effects, physics improvements and performance, this is a remaster not a remake so forget about that..
i have no idea they chose to remaster this..

Obelisk923d ago

This remaster looks really, really bad but I think those pictures are not a fair comparison.

The remaster screenshot look like they are rendered at a way lower resolution. Everything in the original looks sharper and more detailed.
Also the textures. How the hell are they going to make them worse? It looks like the game settings were not the same at all.

I hope to be right, but even if I am, it's very hard to justify a day one buy...

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Crazyglues4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Yeah when your remaster, needs a remaster I think your done, this is trash... do do on a stick...

-Forget Remaster go Remake the game from the ground up, this just looks bad, mafia 3 has better graphics then this thing, maybe you can ask to use their engine.. LoL This is suppose to be Crysis for crying out loud... PC modders made the game look better then this...

Crytek you can't be serious...

masterfox4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Man I thought Crytek would it put some love into this one cause of the game classic/legend status, this just looks like a mere cash grab now.

Minute Man 7214d ago

Man I thought "EA" would it put some love into this one cause of the game classic/legend status, this just looks like a mere cash grab now.

Fixed it for you

L7CHAPEL4d ago

man I thought saber interactive would've put some love into this one cause of the game
classic/ legend status, this
just looks like a mere cash
grab now.

fixed it for both of you 😊 (sorry)

WeedyOne4d ago

I knew it would not be better. All the crisis games after the 1st one were huge downgrades in almost every way except they had slightly better character models. In the sequels super speed was way slower, they had much worse ai, more linear maps, and crappier physics in large part due to the fact they were made for consoles whereas the original was made for high end pc's and it shows.

lelo2play4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

WOW! A remaster that looks much worse then the original. This must be a first.

Poor Crytek! They had the potential to be one of the best developers out there... but all went down the drain.

tontontam04d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Why the hell am I seeing downvotes, console fanboys really are patethic, I am 100% sure that every pc gamer who have played this game will agree with you.

Sophisticated_Chap4d ago

Based on this, I would rather play the original PC version again.

FanboySpotter4d ago

It finally has some color the original looks dead color-wise. Plants and lighting look better on remaster too.. definitely gonna try it. Some people need to take their nostalgic goggles off for a sec

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