AMD's Next Generation Flagship 'Navi 31 GPU' Get's First Confirmation - Even Bigger Navi?

AMD's Navi 21 flagship GPU isn't out yet and the existence of an upcoming Navi 31 GPU has been confirmed thanks to the code for MacOS 11 Sur Beta. AMD's Navi 21 aka 'Big Navi' has been a GPU that has been anxiously awaited for a very long time now. It is expected to land later this year and will increase AMD's performance at the top end significantly.

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Hakuoro41d ago

I'm really looking forward to the RDNA2 official PC reveal. I wanted to get the original Navi but it ended up being more or less a side grade for what I had so I am hoping the next Navi will be a better solution for me.

ABizzel140d ago

I'm excited about it as well because it brings much-needed competition to the market, and will hopefully bring back a price war and get NVIDIA's pricing under control. While I'm likely going to stick with NVIDIA due to RTX cores having much better performance in production workloads in some cases and the rumored 2x - 4x RT performance increase, I'm still excited to see what AMD has to offer and if they bring much better value to the overall market.

However, I do think the new GPUs will be a huge boost from both companies with AMD being a huge win for the low and mid-range, and NVIDIA being a huge win for Ray Tracing and by default having to compete with AMD more on the low-end.

If the rumors are true we're looking at around 40% - 50% more performance than the 2080-Ti from the high end and stair-stepping down from there, with the 3080 > 2080 Ti, the 3070 > 2080s, the 3060 = 2070s, and that makes you wonder what the 3050ti, 3050, 3030 and so on will be.... (2060s / 1660s + RTX / 1650 + RTX). That's HUGE boost to the mid-range PC gamer, and a solid boost to the high-end (low end can get used RX 570's and 580's which offer more performance than the 1650, but lack Raytracing). Add better DLSS 2.0 support, and NVIDIA has a huge launch on their hands.

I don't see the AMD side winning the Raytracing battle, and their GPUs will likely be on par or slightly better than the RTX 2000 series. However, if they focus on core performance without Raytracing and value then we have a huge war on our hands and decisions to be made. We know they have a 40CU GPU and a 56CU GPU because that's what the PS5 and Series X are based on (both consoles have 4 additional CUs disabled for production yields). Rumor has it that the 6600 XT is aiming for $199 - $249 price and offer RX 5700 XT performance, therefore the 40 CU version which should offer RTX 2080 performance for $299 - $349 and this is another HUGE boost in performance to the mid-range as AMD is basically taking the RTX 2000 series performance, but nearly cutting the prices in half. AMD is known to do 56 and 64 CU GPUs, which means at worst if Big Naiv is only 64 CUs with a 2.0 GHz clock it's about 30% - 40% more powerful than the RTX 2080 ti which is still a huge feat, however, AMD will be able to offer that performance at $500 - $600, with a slightly less powerful 56 CU GPU at $400 - $500.

This is going to be an amazing time to for PC gamers both new and used market.

xabih8514939d ago

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Father__Merrin40d ago

I sure hope they launch top tier gpus will sure shut so many peoples mouths.

silenthillstrangler40d ago

Next gen here we come! Exciting times ahead.

I_am_Batman40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Chiplets based MCMs would be really exciting to see in the GPU market. Monolithic dies are pretty much as big as they can reasonably get. If AMD are the first to use chiplets for consumer GPUs it might give them the scalability edge they need to get the performance crown in the high end sector.

GreatSako202040d ago

Finally, AMD is back to competition. Nvidia prices are crazy. RTX 2080 ti is selling at an average of $1300. What the f***? It barely plays games at 4k and with next gen consoles releasing soon, it will be considered mid range at best.

anubusgold39d ago

Yeah you are dreaming even the xbox new gpu cant even beat the regular 2080 and thats not the super version.