Every Gears Of War Game, Ranked

There have been a lot of great games in the Gears of War series but which one is the best overall?

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Knightofelemia401d ago

Gears 2 was always my fave great scene where Dom finds his wife only to watch her die and faces the hard choice of ending her suffering. Gears 3 was ok not as good as 2 Dom's death just felt rushed not as emotional when he found his wife. Judgement was meh Gears 4 was also meh still gotta work on Gears 5.

jamesclark1991401d ago

Yeh it was really emotional finding out Dom's wife was dead... You know, the wife of this quiet side character who had been mentioned like once during the entire first game.
I bet you cried watching the Fast and Furious story unfold too right?

401d ago
IRetrouk401d ago

Nah sorry but hes right, dom having to kill his wife after all that time looking for her, right in the feels man.

L7CHAPEL401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I have to say from your comment,
I don't know if I believe you played through the game,
she's mentioned far more than once, it's his (Dom's) whole motivation,
he brings it up to Marcus several times, and then chastises him for not being outright willing to help him the way dom was willing to help Marcus find his father.
(just a refresher for you there) 😉👍

Gaming101401d ago

lol you can't really expect anyone to care that much about a character who isn't at all fleshed out, who is pining over his wife which you never actually see.
Zero character development = hard to give a shit.

The stupid feminist Gears 5, giving it that stupid short form name, and a female character who would never in a billion years be able to perform the physical feats she does, was just a cheesy "Hey women are strong too" pandering to the SJW crowd. Do they not know who their audience is? It's 99.992% male. If you're going to write good female characters write them like Ripley from Aliens, she wasn't physically stronger than all the men, she was bad ass in her attitude and gumption. That's good writing. Gears 5 is lazy pandering writing.

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lucian229401d ago

i actually cracked up at that scene; the acting was so bad.

zawepa401d ago

a number of fans actually want Gears 2 to be remade as well. with a lot more impactfull mo-cap and writing.
Gears 2 was great but it can use a remake i think.

L7CHAPEL401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I have to say,
I enjoyed judgment's campaign as much as any of them, I thought that was very well done.
It was the multiplayer
(ALL aspects of it) that just sucked...
I remember trying to play through it, and just yelling out with my friends "why?! why the hell did you do these things?!, you had a great formula and now you do this!
I could see why rod Ferguson and Cliff really distanced themselves from that title
if I'm not mistaken they left the studio on or about the time it launched.
I know that after all the disappointments cliffs had with his games,
that he sent Microsoft a couple of "feelers" letting them know he was willing to consult and work with them on the gears franchise
( he wouldn't go back full time, but he definitely be willing to have Input)
they'd be foolish at this point if they don't take him up on it, gears is not going in a good direction.
at least, IMHO

jamesclark1991401d ago

The series died after Gears 1. It could've been so much more.

RamRod88401d ago

Lol no. Gears 1 was really good but all the other games have been better besides Judgement/4. Controls are clunky af, barely any character development, very repetitive with lack of variety in gameplay. Dumbass AI teammates.

Sayai jin401d ago

Not even close. Hears 2 and 3 were better than the original.

zawepa401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Gears 1 was all about the gameplay, story second. (still good, ultimate edition improves on it) all of the other games after had better character depth. more emotion.

EmperorDalek401d ago

Gears 1 had the best campaign, but Gears 3 was the best overall package, with the best horde mode.

RamRod88401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Gears 2, 3, and 5 are my favorite in that order.

*edit* I just looked at their order after I posted this and it matches mine.

caperjim401d ago

The first gears was great. It really pushed the envelope for graphics. Over time i began to feel the movement is restrictive. Multiplayer became a shotgun fest. People running at you while hammering them with your lancer only to one shot you with a shotgun.

TheEnigma313400d ago

That shotgun was too op. Hated it.

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