Capcom Renews Deep Down Trademark

Don’t count this game out just yet. Are we going to see Deep Down release on PS5?

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_SilverHawk_949d ago

Hopefully its still in development and will be released on ps5 because deep down trailer looked amazing when showed years ago

Sonic-and-Crash949d ago

i hope this to transform to " Dragon s Dogma 2 Deep Down" ....would be smart move and excellent to revisit DDogma elaborate world

Lore948d ago

I’m hoping for both

camel_toad948d ago

Capcom is really sitting on Dragon's Dogma and I don't get why. It was an out of nowhere fantastic game.

They need to come out with the sequel already.

Hakuoro948d ago

That's actually what I always thought, that it was just a code name for a Dragon's Dogma game.

bouzebbal948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

heard good things about DD.
didnt have a chance to try it, so i hope the series gets some love cause i think it was successful.

Michiel1989948d ago

@sonic I rather hope for a Monster Hunter deep down, that could be amazing

Army_of_Darkness948d ago

It's probably gonna be a ps5 game now.

nitus10948d ago

I will agree Dragon's Dogma is an excellent game and having the ability to climb on huge enemies is fairly unique, however, I really hope that Capcom (if they make DD2) reduces those "escort missions" or at least makes them much more interesting. Of course, if I hear "Harpy!" one more time I am going to scream.🤪

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ActualWhiteMan949d ago

Deep down, it’s just vapor ware..

NVMGaiden948d ago

Absolutely, I'm more interested in games that exist like Pragmata and Resident Evil 8.

Yui_Suzumiya948d ago

Those are two games I'm most excited for as well

NovusTerminus948d ago

Renewing a trademark is a sign of life because they cannot just indefinitely renew it, they only get so many renewals before it is rejected and open to the market again.

Relientk77949d ago

Good, hopefully we see Deep Down on PS5.

Kavorklestein948d ago

I kind of have a feeling that Deep Down was put off until new hardware because the Quality of what we saw in the trailer looked like it was causing major frame issues and stutters on the PS4 the time.

The PS5 may finally be able to handle the visual goal of what they were going for.

drizzom948d ago

Actually would like to see it on PC too.

isarai949d ago

Hopefully it maintains the technology (like their fluid/particle simulations) and 4 player co-op

lildudexst948d ago

Oh now they wanna work on it again

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