If E3 2020 Was a Thing, These Game Reveals Would've Made It One to Remember

Greysun writes: "It's currently June and thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ESA had to cancel E3 2020 earlier this year, but if E3 was still a sting, these 10 game reveals would've made it truly incredible."

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anonymousfan38d ago

Most of those compagnies have already made decent presentations, Ubisoft is scheduled to present next week... But I wish Nintendo (and maybe Bethesda) were presentating new games!

greysun12337d ago

Yeah I think Nintendo will have a direct in a few weeks for sure

anonymousfan37d ago

I really hope so! Bethesda I can live without all I care about is TES VI and I am sure that is still a long way off. I just hope they dont ruin that franchise like Fallout with Fallout 76.