Recent Sony Patent Showcases Multiscreen Capabilities

A recently published Sony Interactive Entertainment Patent showcases the idea of multiscreen displays, where both can run at the same time.

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Hakuoro43d ago

That sounds cool. So you could have a game where the character exists in two places and switch between them. Sounds like a great feature that would only be possible using the SSD.

Zeref42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

GTA 5 already does this...

There's also A Way Out. Which is pretty much exactly this.

You don't need an SSD for this lol

DeadManMMX42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Xperts on Sega Genesis did this lol. I’m joking. I’m joking.

fr0sty42d ago

By zooming way out into the sky, sitting there until the area loads, then zooming back in. It's far from seamless.

jukins42d ago

I think you misunderstood. Gta5 is DIFFERENT characters. What the op is implying is two same games at two same points of progress but so in one game state you complete in one way while you switch and try a different way on the other. This could be a nice feature for games where qctions effect the game.

Zeref42d ago (Edited 42d ago )


That's a convoluted way to go about it... You could design a game that achieves the same result while not having an entire different state wasting resources. Splitscreen games exist and you could easily tweak it to achieve this result.

jukins42d ago

How is convulted? This in combination with another patent where players can "share" their save state. Its not something everyone would use but again a nice feature. You can do this already now on pc, have multiple save states for one game and hop in and out. Being able to do this with other players save states or watching a stream and being able to play youre game at the same point with someone else's setup. All while being ear instantaneous?

Blade9242d ago

You do if you want to make things more immersive in more complex built games yeah you will need to lol...

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Profchaos42d ago

I don't think it's a SSD feature where you're playing multiple games at once it's more picture in picture the thing TVs were all about in the 90s. Being able to play a game while keeping an eye on the basketball game playing in another app

crazyCoconuts43d ago

Some of these patents seem silly. A whole lot of words to describe an overlay? What am I missing?

mania56843d ago

if within the game you could play several characters doing the same mission without delays and give options for more game to use more than just the Main character.
outside gaming you can
1- play a game and control music in case you think your own music is better than the games
2- watch netflix, youtube, game conferences while playing the game muted/low volume.
if you do not think this is nice i dont know what to tell you, i really want this to be on the console.

Kribwalker42d ago

suggestion number 2 was the Snap feature that was previously on the xbox one.

I really enjoyed having that feature and it sucked when they got rid of it, i feel not enough people used it

sprinterboy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The a console version of Pip (picture in picture)? Sounds good to me plus you could play another sp game while waiting for the MP match on another game to start or watch a bit of YouTube while in matchmaking? Cool

anonymousfan42d ago

Could be neat to for live streaming directly from console (not that I would ever us that). What I miss though is some good old fashion splitscreem local coop. There are still a few odd gems but they are rather scarce.

jukins42d ago

If you're not descriptive and detailed enough you're patent is worthless as someone could just tweak it and word it differently enough to get their own patent for basically the same thing

ShadowWolf71242d ago

I think it's more that your patent gets rejected if it's too broad as it would eliminate competition in the market.

Relientk7743d ago

That would be sweet if PS5 can do that.

WhiteHawk42d ago

The use of the word screens here is stupid, it’s one screen with it spilt up or overlaid, like we have seen already, not multiple screens.

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