Resident Evil 5: Both PS3 and 360 versions to look near identical.

From the latest gamingindians.com preview;

"As expected, Capcom's proprietary Framework engine churns out some gorgeous visuals. Chris' model in particular is superb with excellent attention to detail. Sadly, the frame rate in this particular build wasn't up to the mark. The level also suffered from a few V-sync (screen tearing) issues. Although we only got to play the PS3 version, both versions are expected to look nearly identical when released."

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buy a ps35682d ago

CAPCOM and SONY seem to be getting real friendly.

mikeslemonade5682d ago

The version that developers demo is usually the better version.

Maxned5682d ago

Are you kidding me? I cant believe fanboys are still suggesting that their console will look better when it tells you RIGHT THERE that they will look equal.
Just stop. Please...

Fanboy Slaughter5682d ago (Edited 5682d ago )

Still looking equal and yet people just gotta nitpick. Just be happy they're not pulling a Midway and tyring to "teen" it down.

xhairs95682d ago

I'm glad, I still can't figure out why Capcom stated PS3 can't do beta's awhile back when obviously it can and can do them easily but whatev.

On a side note, that fkn sledge hammer dude is BAD ASS!

FantasyStar5682d ago

I will definitely wait and see on this one. RE4 kinda disappointed me with the Los Plagas schtick, but we will see indeed. I would kill for a roll button.

Spydiggity5681d ago

if they did add a roll feature, they'd get accused of ripping off gears of war. plus what make RE so tense is partially your limited control over the character. if you had crazy maneuverability then it would kinda be like playing gears of war, sept the locus don't have any guns.

also, the game is going to be very similar to RE4, so if you didn't like that, you probably won't like this. i personally, i loved RE4. it has a very unique style. also, it's one of the few japanese games that tells you the story in the game play and not 10 hours of cut scenes which is a nice change.

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ape0075682d ago

am SO confused

which version to buy??

damn,deciding which version to buy is VERY PAINFUL

what can I do?

"grabs a gun"

"points at head"

King_many_layers5682d ago

for me the Ps3 version because of one reason.

here's the similarities:

graphics - probably no difference
rewards - trophies and achievements, both teh same... unless home adapts them in some way.

but here's the reason:
The chris costume and possibly game room in HOME.

I currently love home, made alot of new friends today because of it.

SCThor5682d ago (Edited 5682d ago )

-Pick the version for the console that not overheat so easily so you can play a lot without fear of malfunction or another hardware problem related to poor manufacturing process and quality control.

LeonSKennedy4Life5682d ago

Pick the console that more of your friends have. That way, you can do co-op with them over PSN or Live. I only have a PS3, so I'm getting it for that. If I had a 360 and had more friends on Live, I'd get that version. It's common sense.

SCThor5682d ago

it doesn't matter how many friends you have either on XBL or PSN if your console is broken to begin with. So choose the console that works and won't broke so easily.

GIJeff5682d ago

pull trigger, quick! before you do something stupid and change your mind.

xhairs95682d ago

Why choose the console with more friends? This is a co-op game of 2 people, you and 1 other person. If your friend you really want to play with has it for ps3 but you have more friends on live then why get it for the 360?

Common sense, not so common these days.

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Bigbangbing5682d ago (Edited 5682d ago )

if you ask me ... i will definitely buy it for the console where most of people actually have a mic :P

Bigbangbing5682d ago (Edited 5682d ago )

ok to the people who disagree with me

i own both console but this is the truth , and yes i'm xbox fan and sony fan and Nintendo fan :P

mikeslemonade5682d ago

All I need is one person that I personally know who has a mic to play the game on coop. I would not reccomend playing the game with random people even if they have mics. It's just not as fun.

Bigbangbing5682d ago

well , some people like to play with random people :P

Nitrowolf25682d ago

well you should get friends with mic then. all my buddies have mic

Sarcasm5682d ago

I like to play with people without mic's. At least in regular servers. But yes, in a co-op game a mic would be good.

wallace10005681d ago

You can't say you aren't definitely going to buy it on the PS3 around here, that is N4G suicide :-P

Bigbangbing5681d ago

@ wallace1000


ok , this is the last time :P

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DarkSniper5682d ago

The PLAYSTATION®3 version will be the far more superior version. When it comes to multiplatform titles, the Xbox 360 version usually suffers from frame rate hiccups and jaggies, terrible draw distance and screen tearing. This is no coincidence as Xbox 360 is a console that struggles to keep up with the times of next generation entertainment.

Dark Sniper knows which version he's picking up next year.