EA Says It Will "Double Down" On Star Wars Games Going Forward

After the gigantic success of Star Wars: Battlefront, Jedi Fallen Order, and Galaxy of Heroes, EA is looking to ramp up.

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morganfell51d ago

So....twice the mediocrity for your money.

Smitty202051d ago

I really enjoyed Jedi fallen order, more like this plz and don’t fak it up.

Thunder_G0d_Bane51d ago

Just give me KOTOR remake or remaster and we good EA.

CrimsonWing6951d ago

Why do I have a baaaaad feeling about this?

Godmars29051d ago

No, its "I have a bad feeling about this..."

CrimsonWing6951d ago

Yeesss Tropic Thunder, I’m so glad you referenced it!

jjb198151d ago

Only because the House of Mouse will whoop dat ass if they don't.

Godmars29051d ago

Unless EA can make them as much as a movie, unless they mess up again on a scale of Battle Front 2 again, the House of Mouse could care less.

That's where their scale is.

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