Top 10 Black Video Game Characters

Black video game characters with stories of note regrettably remain a rare sight at present. Game Luster’s Nirav Gandhi brings us his take on the ten most prominent black video game characters to date.

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bunt-custardly322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Not approving this cos you failed to mention Carl Johnson from San Andreas or Franklin Clinton from GTA V (not a serious comment btw).

laserap321d ago

There was already an article the same as this about a week or so ago.

DaReapa321d ago

There are various takes on several top 10 lists on a weekly basis. So what's so different about this?

HarryMasonHerpderp321d ago

Drebin mgs4
Fortune mgs2
Barret FF7
Shadow man

All these characters are cool asf

philm87321d ago

Afro Thunder from Ready 2 Rumble

Poopmist321d ago

Captain Anderson (Mass Effect)
Barrett (FF7)
Keith David (Saints Row 4)
50 cent
Cole Train (Gears)