Xbox Series X July Showcase Predictions Preview

Metro: The Inside Xbox show in May unveiled some interesting but smaller scale projects. The Medium and Scorn are both Xbox Series X exclusives, smaller in scale but potentially great additions to Game Pass. Really, Xbox’s chance to show what they can do is the upcoming July Showcase. I have dug through the rumors and speculation from various forums to come up with what we are likely to see from the showcase.

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TranceHop 1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I’m hoping Ninja Theory will shock the gaming industry by showing Hellblade 2 gameplay. If Hellblade 2 gameplay looks anything like the trailer I’ll have a heart attack lol.

CaptainHenry9161484d ago

I agree. But Hellblade story and gameplay wasn't that great. Hopefully they add more depth to the story and gameplay

RamRod881484d ago

Disagree. Hellblade story was really good, gameplay was okay.

Gaming4Life19811484d ago

I agree hellblade needs a gameplay overhaul but i enjoyed the crazy story. To be honest the story was the only thing that made me keep playing because combat was pretty lame.

Hopefully hellblade looks great and the combat is alot better and deeper.

Baza1484d ago

Some intense battles while they last. Otherwise it feels like a walking simulator. Story was pretty shallow. They need to expand the core elements big time.

CaptainHenry9161484d ago


Sometimes the world felt empty as well.

Tacoboto1484d ago

For the people who disliked the story, did you play the game with headphones?

Hearing the subtleties of Senua's inner monologue, her self-doubt and deprecations made that game one of my favorites of the gen.

Ratchet751484d ago

Hellblade story was probably the best part of the game

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ABizzel11485d ago

Console Exclusives

343 Industries: Halo Infinite
The Coalition: Gears 5 Enhanced
Turn 10: Forza (most likely Forza 8)
Ninja Theory: Hellbalde 2
Xbox Game Studios Publishing: Flight Simulator
Rare: Battletoads or Everwild
Mojang: Minecraft RayTracing (this one will be shown as it shows off Ray Tracing best)

3rd party developers

Cyberpunk 2077
At least one game from: EA, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Sega
Take 2 Games: Red Dead Online (they milked GTA why not Red Dead at this point)
Bright Memory: Infinite
The Ascent
The Medium
Call of the Sea

Games they have in the works, but probably 2021 - 2022

The Initiative: New AAA IP
Playground Games: Fable or New AAA IP (I hope it's not Fable, we need new game MS)
Compulsion Games: ???? / New IP AAA Indie
World’s Edge: Age of Empires (the studio was made specifically for this game)
Obsidian: Releasing Grounded that month, next game possibly Outerworlds 2 for 2021
Double Fine Studio: Psychonaughts 2 (multiplat with PlayStation) / maybe a teaser for 2022 game
Inxile: Wasteland 3 (multiplat with PlayStation) / maybe a teaser for 2022 game
Undead Labs: Praying it's not State of Decay 3, but whatever it is it's a multiplayer game based on job openings

Sunny_D1484d ago

Lol. You can’t be acting like this wasn’t a valid criticism. It took them long enough. You know.... took them like a an entire generation to finally start somewhere lol

343_Guilty_Spark1484d ago

You won't have this argument much longer. You'll be left with nothing.

neutralgamer19921484d ago


Last 3 years of Xbox 360 and this whole gen and yet we are still at predicting stage but you brag

More games better for us gamers you Xbox fans act like that was an invalid point. It's because of criticism Microsoft acquired so many studios

what would be best for us gamers is if both Sony and Microsoft go at it sell neck and neck and deliver amazing games throughout the whole generation

I don't believe most of us have any stocks with either company so the only thing that should matter to us are games

Look at what sony delivered with TLOU2 and ghost and those are curren gen games. Hopefully with Ms having more studios now they can release amazing games throughout next generation

Ps2 closed with GOW2 and SOTC

Ps3 with TLOU

Ps4 is closing with TLOU2 and ghost

Microsoft stopped supporting the original Xbox to focus on Xbox 360 which they're released when it was not ready. The last two to three years of Xbox 360 they did not support it well and now this generation what have they done the last few years

These are are valid criticisms and this is where they can improve. but it seems we cannot have any mature conversation in gaming about any console maker because if anybody says anything negative about PlayStation or Xbox or Nintendo the fanboys come out in full force

TheHunter811484d ago

There are no console exclusives when it comes to Xbox

343_Guilty_Spark1484d ago

Do you buy consoles to worry about if the games come on PC? Why does it hurt you if a game is on PC?

Consoles are designed for ease of use...and based on Steam reports the average PC is only geared for 1080p graphics.

You crying about issues that don't exist.

aconnellan1484d ago

But the definition of console exclusive is a game that appears on one console and not another... and Xbox does have those

Yodasfavoritesoda1484d ago

I think we definitely see fable. I’m excited to see it

averagejoe261484d ago

Oof. Those first party offerings are rough. Thank God for Sony and Nintendo.

Gaming4Life19811484d ago

Agree with everything you said except i hope fable 4 gets announced.

Baza1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Halo is the only exclusive that excites me

FinalSpero1484d ago

I don't think we'll see anything 3rd party. I think this will be 1st Party only event.

On that front I expect to see 1-2 new studio acquisitions(Specifically I'm predicting a Dontnod acqusition).

Tacoboto1484d ago

It would be weird seeing Cyberpunk 2077 with Series X upgrades previewed right after the delay that pushes it right on the next-gen launch, when all that'll be available then will just be the One X version running at full throttle.

The last thing MS needs to show are third party cross gen titles when they're receiving flak on their own cross gen titles.

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AngelicIceDiamond1484d ago

343: Open the show with Halo Infinite no more than 5 minutes of gameplay. Hopefully the single shot campaign is a real thing. Making for a nice cinematic feel. Brand new engine, characters, enemies, gameplay mechanics, abilities etc. Its said the game has 1200 people working on it. This game seriously cannot fail.

Playground's Game: Obviously it has to be Fable IV. The team is said to be using photogrammetry techniques for world building. Similar style as Forza Horizon games. They were teasing quite a bit last year but was a no show, I think this year we will definitely see it.

Going through each studio will take awhile so I expect something from The Initiative since the game is in playable form. Turn 10 will show off a teaser but won't release this year its said they're skipping this year's release. Obsidian was already announced they have something planned. Hopefully its the planned Pillars Of Eternity Skyrim Inspired AAA game. Undead Labs most likely SOD 3. This game needs to be AAA. If they're making a zombie survival they need to go all in and make it BIG a full blown AAA title. One new studio acquisition or possibly building a MS Japan studio for AAA JRPG's.

chiefJohn1171484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Yes SoD 3 with a AAA budget and story. The sandbox and gameplay is there. All that missing is the AAA graphics, animation and story. Do that and you got one of the best zombie games ever. Screw it you don't even need the top notch graphics get the animations up so you can have good scripted events to go with a story and the game is set

ColdSin1484d ago

I always wanted their first pitch. The Class 4 pitch. It sounded extremely interesting.

CaptainCook1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I'm hoping for an open world Fable reboot

derektweed11484d ago

Turn10 skipped last year's release, they should be releasing something this year.

Sol4ris1484d ago

Here we go , more speculations. What happened to the PS5 SSD articles, did those run of steam?