5 Handheld Games That Should Be Brought To Consoles

Handheld games have been slowly trickling onto modern consoles in the last year or so, with games like Patapon 2, Rune Factory 4, and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening just being a few. We’d like to see this train of handheld ports and remasters keep barreling along, with just a few games from the Nintendo DS, the Game Boy Advance, and the Sony PSP getting some of that TLC. Here are five handheld games we’d like to see be brought to consoles.

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ifinitygamer456d ago

Zelda Zelda Zelda .... But with it coming to Switch, that’s sort of it coming to consoles?

456d ago
Fluke_Skywalker456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Crisis Core is my favourite FF game, also has the saddest ending of any game ever :.(
It's a travesty that it didn't come out on home consoles.

AK91455d ago

I have a lot of fond memories with Cris Core would love a console remaster/remake preferably from Blue Point.

brando008455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

Crisis Core is such a fond memory. I believe Sony didn't bring it to PSN due to some song licensing issue, but I could be wrong. Apparently there was some issue with KH: Birth by Sleep in the past as well, but that title eventually got ported.

Metroid: Zero Mission and Fusion were both great games as well.