Cyberpunk 2077: You Can Buy A Hamburger While Having An Active Mission

Just when you thought eating a hamburger is not possible while you have an active mission in Cyberpunk 2077, we have some good news for you.

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psychosmurf101305d ago

Oh my god! You can eat a hamburger in the middle of a mission? What an intriguing development. Night city is truely a Ronald McDonald playground.

TheHan305d ago

@Psychosmurt101, Love to have options in my games and not feel like it’s a linear story driven game.

305d ago
SickSinceSix305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

Already did that on GTA IV twelve years ago

Edit: Also GTA: San Andreas, almost 16 years ago now. And I'm sure theres plenty other examples.

Slow news days, I guess

UltraNova305d ago

I bet you can't eat burgers until you throw up in CP...

Seriously, was this info important enough to turn into an article?

AK91305d ago

Yup was just going to say this, this is nothing new and has been done in gaming a decade ago.

ilikestuff305d ago

I’m hoping we see some big stuff next gen, I remember all the new gameplay mechanics and details that came with the ps2 and ps3. Maybe I’m old now and things don’t impress me as much.

SickSinceSix305d ago

Future headline:
You Can Eat A 100 Pieces of Cheese In The Middle Of A Mission In The Elder Scrolls VI

tinchotin305d ago

But you can't do it in gta v or rdr2 without a game over screen.

Tiqila305d ago

Can you also get a cheese burger?

Ricegum305d ago

Nah, I hear your dude is lactose intolerant.

305d ago
EazyC305d ago

That's coming with the PS5 upgrade (with raytraced buns, naturally)

305d ago
UltimateSanto305d ago

I’m sure this game is going to be great, that said, this is not a groundbreaking feature and it’s not worth writing an article about.

franwex305d ago

You can also eat an apple on the witcher while on mission.

rockwhynot305d ago

Remember when Geralt ate an apple mid-autopsy in the dwarf werewolf mission in Novigrad?? Hah that was rich.

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The story is too old to be commented.