TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 35 – Did Skate 4 & Star Wars: Squadrons save EA Play Live?

Neil writes: "We've seen Xbox make the first moves with Xbox Series X before Sony followed up with PS5 goodies, but slap-bang in the middle of silly season EA have stepped up to the plate with their EA Play Live 2020 showing. But did they manage to excite gamers with reveals and announcements of their upcoming games? TheXboxHub team get back together for TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 35 to chat about how things played out."

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Profchaos700d ago

If they didn't exist then it would have been a laughable event it's actually a shame that SW was revealed early and ruined the suprise.

Outside of this it would have just been a sjw snoorefest where every game is about diversity over compelling content as they have nothing worth showing for next gen and just want to show off dlc packs for Apex how much Sims appeals to non gamers and the fact that their games are going to steam.

It was really a weak showing I don't understand why they bother hosting events when the last time they showed us something new was bf5 and that was hated