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BigBosss370d ago

Honestly, who didn't see it coming?

I dont mind at all, as long as they deliver an amazing game that's all that matters to me.

Looking forward to the game :)

Asuka370d ago

I feel the same way. Also CDPR has said numerous times they are not afraid to delay their games, so no one should be surprised.

lelo2play370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Nop... they want to release the game at the same time as the new consoles get launched.

Xbox Series X + Cyberpunk 2077 bundle.

b163o1370d ago

Knowing their quality, its expected but more importantly it's understood. Just further proof that I'll be playing this on my PS5...

starchild370d ago

I'm not hugely surprised, but it does kind of suck. At least it's only a two month delay. I was going to play it on PC regardless, so its timing relative to new console releases didn't ever really affect me.

Marquinho370d ago

As a huge candidate for GOTY they have all the right to delay it to have it polished enough for launch.

The Witcher 3 was released in 2015 and it keeps selling. They need to live up to the expectations.

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I think this will be on Game Pass Day 1. That would be a huge announcement from Microsoft.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod370d ago

Imagine being this brainwashed by a corporate product, this is sad dude, your first thought is how a mega corp could benefit.

roadkillers370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

^ I would benefit.. I paid $180 for 3 years of Gamepass Ultimate. This game alone would save me $60. Plus, if it is on PC I can play on there.

Gamepass has been great for me so far. No Mans Sky is finally landing. Get to try out The Witcher 3. A big surprise was the addition of Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m very happy with my purchase, I see no downside with this program. PlayStation Now on the other hand doesn’t have its heavy hitters like LoU2 day 1, which means I have to buy it day one :/

sprinterboy370d ago

Gamers will choose playstation like they always do

Minute Man 721370d ago

@ sprinterboy

So if people don't play on PS they are not real gamers?

TheRealTedCruz370d ago


I love my Pro, but I'm mainly a PC gamer, and will be playing it on that.

Guess I'm not a real gamer, according to your bubble logic.

Kiwi66370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

And if it isn't ?

RazzerRedux370d ago

"So if people don't play on PS they are not real gamers?"

What are you reading? lol

MajorLazer370d ago

This is delusion of the highest order

Marquinho370d ago

Cyberpunk on Gamepass? That'd be killer but might be too much asking.

leoms370d ago

But, but smart delivery

Sprucegoose77370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

That will only happen if you hold your breath, 3,2,1 GO!

neutralgamer1992370d ago (Edited 370d ago )



CDPR will make billions from sales why would they limit their potential earnings. Unless MS will pay CDPR $60 for each gamer who plays using gamepass. This game is too big and will sell 15-20 million

AmUnRa369d ago

Naah dont believe that. Only games made by Microsoft game studios are on gamepass on day one. Third party? No way😉

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-Foxtrot370d ago

Maybe we'll get next gen versions or something

I mean the same month next gen consoles will probably come out...that's a toughie

ColdSin370d ago

Yah, I hope this is true.

spicelicka370d ago

Highly doubt that. If they were working on a next gen version both Sony and MS would have been drooling at the chance to show it off. They're clearly stating it's because it's "not ready". I'm sure the next gen version won't be worked till next year.

crazyCoconuts370d ago

That would relieve some pressure for both consoles to have more to sell the new systems.

dumahim370d ago

I'd love to switch my collector's edition to PS5 version. Even if it delays the game a couple months.

nismo370370d ago

Wait for the next gen patch.

Profchaos370d ago

I wish but they have talked about next gen versions not launching with next gen systems in the past

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angelsx370d ago

I'm gonna play it straight on my ps5 then.

darthv72370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Looks like we have a release date (window) for the Series X. Curious if MS will stick to the 22nd like they did for the 360 and XBO or go with the 15th like they did the og Xbox?

SyntheticForm370d ago (Edited 370d ago )


I'll be playing it on PS5 for sure now, which I planned on doing anyway.

UltraNova370d ago

Same here. This delay made waiting that much easier for me.

gamer7804370d ago

honestly i wanted to play this on a next generation console, so now that decision is made for me.

Rambokind370d ago

You will be crying in November, probably for more reasons than one.

C-H-E-F370d ago

Agreed plus hopefully it launches alongside the next gen at launch.

savedsynner370d ago

Agreed. CDPR has more than earned enough respect to delay this until it's ready. They are the anti Blizzard.

badz149370d ago

I would want to put money on this that MS is behind this delay. they know they will be far outsold if the game still releases on PS4 and Xbone (PC too, of course) as planned, so now they paid money to keep it of until the release of the SX to level the playing ground again. we know they have exclusive marketing rights for this game. 2 onths has nothing to do with development anymore, that much is pretty certain.

neutralgamer1992370d ago

i am fine with this delay since i wanted the next gen version anyway or atleast the ability ti play on ps5(sony has mandated all ps4 games that launch after july have to be ps5 compatible, i am sure ms/xbox will do the same)

i just find it ironic that just few months ago CDPR were talking like there is zero chance of another delay and they have prepared and now another delay(once again not bothered by it but i feel like some developers talk from both sides of their mouths and gamers don't call them out while other developers wouldn't get the same benefit of the doubt)

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Fantastic news! This implies that the next-gen versions will launch THIS year. Who in their right mind wanted to play this on current-gen consoles?

BigBosss370d ago

As harsh as this may sound buts its the Gods honest truth, I know I wouldn't want too. Hence why I'll definitely get the PS5 version

wwinterj370d ago

Those millions with only current gen consoles perhaps?

sprinterboy370d ago

It was never gonna play great on base ps4 and xbox one s anyway. 90% of us have base models and CP was never gonna look like what we'd seen on trailers and gameplay on base models.

RpgSama370d ago

We don't always see eye to eye, but I definitely agree with you on this one, releasing November 19th probably means they will have the next-gen update ready to go day one, and I will honestly wait to play it on my next-gen console, only for the reduced to no loading alone it's going to be worth the wait for me.

nismo370370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Optimisation problems.
CDPROJEKTRED are well known for that, remember Witcher? It was a disaster at launch, running like ....
Nothing to do with next gen ready. Next gen patch probably next year.
An interview from NowakowskI saying that the next gen versions wouldn't be ready until next year.

REDGUM370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

@RpgSama as much as I'd like to see/play a next gen version of this game at launch I highly doubt it'll be ready in time.
The reasons i say this are...
Its taken years to develop this game, from what ive seen rightfully so too, but to add a PATCH to boost performance overall on a game this big will take months I imagine. Although CDPR don't seem like the devs to milk us gamers for our hard earned cash, i do believe that ironing out the curent gen systems with bugs , glitches etc upon and post release date which is highly expected with a game of this magnitude, will be the main focus here.
Secondly, i dont think that optimizing a game of this or any size is just a matter of 2 clicks and "ya done" this will need to be a dedicated task i think.
Thirdly, in relation to point 2, if it was an easy job to produce a fully fledged ps5 version of a game, why are we waiting so long for the GTA upgrade in 2021 instead of on ps5 release day.

Things will take longer, but ultimately worth the wait to get better versions of our beloved games.

On a side note also, I'm pretty sure that CDPR said there wouldn't be any loading screens in the game anyway hence the enormously big task of the game as it is.

After all that said though, i hope you are right and I'm shamefully wrong so i can play it on ps5 as well day one.

Happy gaming 👍

NeoGamer232370d ago

Sorry, I read their post, I don't see it saying they are going to deliver the next gen experience at the same time?

Or did I read that wrong?

370d ago
Muzikguy370d ago

It does not imply that. Assumptions aren't facts.

nismo370370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Optimisation problems.
CDPROJEKTRED are well known for that, remember Witcher? It was a disaster at launch, running like ....
Nothing to do with next gen ready. Next gen patch probably next year.
An interview from NowakowskI saying that the next gen versions wouldn't be ready until next year.

starchild370d ago

The Witcher 3? It wasn't even close to a disaster at launch. I played it on PC from day 1 and had no problems.

Bobertt370d ago

No it won't i believe they said the Next gen versions won't be available at the console launches already. Plus seeing as they haven't announced a date for the next gen i believe they are holding off on releasing it so they will sell more on the PS4 and XB1 since people won't know if it will be 3 months or a year for the next gen version.

Profchaos370d ago

No they have stated that next gen versions won't be out until later next year

Marquinho370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Don't think so to be honest. CD Project was very specfic when saying next-gen versions would release later.

However... you WILL be able to play it on Series X, with enhanced visuals due to BC (before the next-gen patch lands) and yes... that could become a selling point for Microsoft.

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Nyxus370d ago

Was going to wait for a PS5 version anyway,

Relientk77370d ago

Me too, wonder when the PS5 version is coming.

SamPao370d ago

Every game releasing after July HAS to be ps5 compatible sony told developers aparently. So yeah, day1

neutralgamer1992370d ago

sony has mandated all games that launch after july will have to be ps5 compatible

DRambo369d ago

Games sent to Sony for certification after July, not released after July.

NotoriousWhiz369d ago

PS5 compatible and optimized for PS5 are two very different things.

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Muzikguy370d ago

I am going to as well. Even if doesn't come until next year

zacfoldor370d ago

I wasn't going to wait, but now I will.

arkard370d ago


Compatible, but not necessarily enhanced in any way

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bunt-custardly370d ago

This was expected given the Covid-19 outbreak having a profound effect on...everything!

wwinterj370d ago

Also Witcher 3 was delayed multiple times.

MajorLazer370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

And good thing too. What a masterpiece of a game.