EA Play Live 2020 Predictions

Kevin F. from Link-Cable writes: "It has been a crazy couple of weeks with all these live events from all your favorite developers and publishers. On Thursday, June 18th at 7 pm EST, it is EA’s turn, they will be streaming their EA Play Live 2020 digital event. As per usual with these types of events, not much is known about what will be shown. I’m here to talk about what my predictions, however ridiculous and outlandish they may be. We know that there will be a gameplay world premiere shown in the recently announced Star Wars: Squadrons."

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RaidenBlack125d ago

KOTOR1 Remake by Respawn
Mass Effect 1 Remake by BioWare (🤞🏻)

Software_Lover125d ago

I would prefer a revamped Mass Effect Trilogy for Next Gen (and PC SSD) with no loading, better textures and effects. One cohesive story with no distinction between the three versions. Once you complete one, the story seamlessly transitions into the next iteration as if it is one complete game.

But, I know that they are going to drip them to us one game at a time.

RaidenBlack125d ago

I do like this cohesive-esque idea.
BUT ... its EA.
Wonder what's Archetype Entertainment is making?

neutralgamer1992125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Mass effect trilogy HD with all the dlc on disks

KOTOR1 remake

Burnout games from ps2 in one HD package

Dragon age but please be less fetch quests

NVMGaiden125d ago

Dragon Age 4, Fifa, Madden, 2 Mobile Games, new SWTOR expansion, Anthem Next, Bioware Remaster, Apex Legends, Need 4 Speed, Dice LA project, UFC.

RaidenBlack125d ago

What if they announce a new Command and Conquer ? 🤯

Vegamyster125d ago

It’s possible, a Dice developer hinted at something new with C&C earlier this year on a public forum.

MetroidFREAK21125d ago

Apex Legends Switch version, Cross play and hopefully cross progression... The usual boring sports stuff and maybe a glimpse of Anthem 2.0 for the 5 people who still defend that game

Antnee534125d ago

I really hope for apex on switch and madden on switch! Also mass effect HD trilogy for both current gen and next gen.

MetroidFREAK21125d ago

I play Apex on Xbox... But you bet I'd go to play on Switch. Even if I couldn't carry over all of my skins 😅

Kabaneri125d ago

I just hope they dont focus on boring sports games like every E3.

RaidenBlack125d ago

That's half of their portfolio!

Kabaneri125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Yeah and I get that they sell well but they're boring for the presentation because they hardly ever change anything in the yearly iterations. Its always some CGI trailer that shows off the athlete's sweat.

RaidenBlack125d ago

Aren't you excited to see Ray-traced helmets? 😂

Games1st125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

That's (over) half of their profit! This show will have ray-traced sweat.

-Foxtrot125d ago

You’d think they’d have a mini event for that shit

Most of the people watching the main event won’t be their main audience anyway

ColdSin125d ago

Yah, it was already announced long ago so I expect to show here.

monkey602125d ago

I'm hoping for a modern Battlefield for the ps5 launch but I fear thats unlikely

Other than that anything Dead Space, Mass Effect or Dragon Age related would be great. I'd stay up to watch it but its on late here and im up really early for work in the morning. Ill catch a recap in the morning and skip all the boring sports stuff anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.