flOw - PS3 Debut Trailer

The viral PC flash game makes its way to the PS3 in HD.

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Raz3r14902d ago

this game could be nice on a hd screen

Siesser4902d ago

I feel like I've been waiting for this forever. It's gone from December to January to "hopefully soon." I'm definitely looking forward to playing this. I've had the pc version for a while, and my only gripe with it is that you can't save (it is a flash game, after all). I can't recommend the game enough though; it's an incredibly simple concept, but exudes a lot of emotion and depth. I was completely surprised to find I felt fear when getting attacked, or daring when picking a larger creature apart. And learning the personalities of and how to defeat the enemies is cool as well. All that, in such a simple game.

geachy4902d ago

IS this game any good though

Does it cost money?

Siesser4902d ago

Here you go:

Eat things. Don't get eaten. Red goes down. Blue goes up. Left click to move. Enjoy.

geachy4902d ago

What do u actually do

Looks like snake

r10004902d ago (Edited 4902d ago )

I have not been following this game at all only until recently... what is the purpose of this game meaning gameplay... are there levels, bosses, etc?

Ok i just played that little demo??? WTH is that it??? doesn't seem all that fun...

techie4902d ago

It's meant to calm you down - get away from all those shooters you've been playing. It's something I'd pass onto my mum after a stressful day.

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