Max Payne Can Be Seen With No Ammo In Cutscenes

Rockstar went the extra mile when it comes to continuity during cutscenes in Max Payne 3.

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Snookies12363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

This game was criminally underrated. It's so sad that it didn't sell too well. It still has in my opinion some of the best shooting mechanics in gaming period. I keep it installed on PC just to mess around on every once in a while.

ColdSin363d ago

The gameplay was really solid. It truly felt revolutionary. No TPS comes close to how animations and gameplay blend together in this game. Player agency is never dropped.

ziggurcat362d ago

This really was a great game.

DerfDerf362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Max Payne sold very well. Sold over 3 million copies in its first week alone. As of 2011 it had sold around 7.5million

Sciurus_vulgaris362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Max Payne 3 cost 105 million to develop. The game sold 4 million copies by the end of 2013. Selling 4 million copies wasn’t enough to make profits. Also Max Payne 3 released in 2012 not 2011.

1nsomniac361d ago

It still holds up today. Played through It fairly recently and it plays as well as any current gen title, at least on pc anyway.

Excellent game!

lelo2play361d ago

Was the game a flop in sales?
I had the idea that the game sold quite well... it just didn't sell as much as GTA or Red Dead.

Kosic361d ago

I remember getting this for pc and playing the whole game in one sitting. It was stubby with visuals and a great game all in all. As you said, such a shame it didn't sell well. Would've loved another game.

traumadisaster361d ago

Considering it’s pedigree that’s not a surprise, the wow moments decades ago with bullet time shooting and jumping back then in that period was the best for me.

I’ve pondered if the delay between 2 and 3 caused new gamers to have missed the first 2 when they were great for the time period and then 3 just shows up for the new generation and it fell flat since no connection was established.

The dark adult games would have been off limits to young gamers so only the older crowd probably played it, can’t see many 10 year olds into crime noire with drugs, drinking, sex, and murder. again reducing the potential customers.

techies361d ago

played the game. loved it, but i don't think 3 mill in sales in its first week and a metacritic score of 87 was "criminally underrated"

Baza361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

One of the most memorable games that gen. Incredible gameplay and story. Highly underrated. Everyone was too busy playing COD. Unfortunate we may never see another single player, story focused game from Rockstar again due to online profits.

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-Ghost362d ago

Enjoyed this game a lot. I'll never forget the day I picked it up. I walked like 3 miles to get it which I didn't mind. The pre-order bonus was $15 off GTA V.

It felt great to beat the game without dying for the "Shadows Rushed Me" trophy.

361d ago
AK91362d ago

I'm so upset this studio got shut down both Bully and MP3 are some of my fav Rockstar games.

MIDGETonSTILTS17362d ago

If Max Payne 3 cost $105 million to make, then that is their fault. They must have poorly managed their resources. I love the game, but they had to know that they are not going to make a profit on that budget.

RaidenBlack362d ago

Yeah, it was a bit mismanaged. I think Raycevick on Youtube, did a fantastic video on the game and its troubled development.

Agent75361d ago

Rockstar must've shelled out a lot on pain killers....

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