The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 May Be Lifting a Page from Dragon Age: Inquisition's Book

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2's trailer, Link is shown wielding some sort of power in his hand, which could be similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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329d ago
Morbid Bulldozer329d ago

Prediction: it's going to be the Game of the Generation. Again.

Fraggle1987329d ago

Thats god of war so far. Looks like last of us 2 might take the top prize soon though.

Morbid Bulldozer329d ago

To each his own. The Last of Us Remaster was my GotG (despite being a remaster) until i played BotW. Haven't played tLoU2 obviously, and I hope it's as good as the first one. Still, so far BotW remains the highest-ranked game of this generation.

I can't think of other games worthy of a GotG title, though, especially on Xbox. Maaaaybe Titanfall 2. God of War was good and I can see how it could be someone's favorite, but I never was a fan of the series, so it falls a little short for me.

DrDeath329d ago

I agree. God of war takes it. And last of us 2 will probably surpass it. Two very different games tho. Both great. I do laugh at all the dislikes cause this is a nintendo article.

Everybody knows botw was super overrated and everyone ignored it's flaws while lashing at other games for the same issues. It was overhyped

Darkborn329d ago

I agree. God of War was my game of the generation by a long shot. I did like BOTW for sure, but GoW I played almost all the way through without stopping and very little breaks. It just grabbed me right away.

329d ago
Name Last Name329d ago

God of War is my 2nd after The Witcher 3.

EmperorDalek328d ago

God of War was overrated. The story was drawn out too much, and had a few bad parts to it. The combat wasn't the best, Bloodborne was better in that regard.

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329d ago
SurgicalMenace329d ago

Game of the generation? What did it do so groundbreaking to bring one to ignore more engaging titles? What idea was original enough to warrant its influence on other titles?

It looks that Nintendo is actually the one's influenced by other titles, does that appear to be the actions of one that is LEADING the generation? Appears to be a follower to me, that's just me though.

Imalwaysright329d ago

Aside from Shadow of Mordor and its revolutionary nemesis system what have other games done that it's groundbreaking? That criteria can be applied to literally 99.9% of games that were released this gen.

As for Zelda what it did different was to offer true freedom to the open world formula while other open world games only offer an illusion of freedom as they're constantly telling the player where to go and what to do. While Zelda may have taken from other games wich literally EVERY game does Nintendo has also done enough to differentiate their title from any other open world game you can find in the market right now.

septemberindecember329d ago


Breath of the Wild's chemistry system is surpassed by none. That's what I'd like to see more in games. Each object having a multitude of physical based properties. That and the freedom BotW gave you.

329d ago
Imalwaysright329d ago (Edited 329d ago )


True, the chemistry system is also a game changer. BoTW's world due to the chemistry system is basically trying to simulate the real world. It's a simplistic but realistic simulation as there is a logical based reaction between the player, pretty much every object in the world and even the elements.

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MWH329d ago

Sure why not, games borrow from each other all the time. hopefully Link will have better luck with this power than the Inquisitor, those who played Trespasser know what i mean 🤫

telekineticmantis329d ago

Yeah Breath of The Wild borrowed heavily from Shadow of The Colossus, and was a better game for it.

septemberindecember329d ago


Yeah, it's really funny. Ueda was influenced by the Zelda series with Shadow of the Colossus (has stated that many times), and you can see the influence of Shadow of the Colossus in BotW. It ended up going full circle.

telekineticmantis329d ago


Ueda had many influences, Sega Mega Drive games, Flashback and Another World, The Legend of Zelda, Virtua Fighter, Prince of Persia. He was also influenced by the work of Kenji Eno, and the manga series Galaxy Express 999. But he's never made a game that plays like any of those games.

septemberindecember329d ago


I'm not talking about games that influenced him in general, I'm talking about games Ueda said gave him direct inspiration for Shadow of the Colossus. Ueda designed the Colossi after Zelda bosses, and wanted them to resemble "inverted Zelda dungeons".

telekineticmantis329d ago


I get what he means, but None of the Colossi look like Zelda Bosses, and Zelda's dungeons aren't unique, many games have had dungeons, and Zelda just had them incorporated in the game. While Shadow of the Colossus' Colossi, are a first of it's kind. Not much about Zelda is original.

septemberindecember329d ago


Okay man, let's deny Zelda's influence on the game even when the creator of the game himself has cited the series as a major inspiration. Sure.

telekineticmantis328d ago

@septemberindecember I'm not denying anything, everything has inspiration, but Zelda's dungeons are pretty run of the mill dungeons, he could have been inspired by any games dungeons, and I'm not saying talking about influence, I'm talking about BOTW Borrowing from original concepts in Shadow of the Colossus.

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rlow1329d ago

No offense, but books and movies have been doing the power from the hand for ages.

329d ago
DrDeath329d ago

Great.... Another Nintendo game to be glorified way above what it deserves lol

septemberindecember329d ago

Nintendo games are fun. I think this whole conspiracy of Nintendo games being inflated is ridiculous. The critics that are reviewing games today likely had a Playstation as their first console.

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