Five Games That Impressed us the Most During the PS5 Reveal Event

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "The PlayStation 5 reveal event came and went and it surely left a lasting impression. The obscured console design and visual effects were just the few things that we can fault the show for, but the presentation was all about the games and on that it truly delivered. Not only are these games are new and exciting, they felt like a step forward into the potential of next-generation. Today, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the many great titles that were featured during this event and pick out the five games that impressed us the most and why they are our most anticipated PS5 entries."

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jreeves8259d ago

What about the best game they showed? Resident Evil 8 ?

gammaray1358d ago

er sorry that was Demon's Souls

WickedLester58d ago

I honestly don't like what Blue Point has done with Demon's Souls. They've scrubbed all the monochrome creepiness out of the game. The tone has totally changed with its vibrant eye candy.

UltraNova58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


I won't disagree there but I can't agree either. As someone who sunk in more than 500hr in DeS I'm ready to put in at least as many hours for something that feels fresh. My only worry is that Bluepoint doesn't alter it's difficulty curve while attempting to modernize it. I really feel trying to mess with the original's clunky movement mechanics for examle, will affect the game to it's core.

Hopefully, Bluepoint will offer a classic controls mode alongside the modernized one (just so noobs complaining the game is difficult can see what true difficulty is all about!).

Retroman58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Ahhh, Sorry that was Spiderman and Ratchet and Clank Rrift Apart, Godfall.

58d ago
Bathyj58d ago

3 comments, 3 different answers.

So clearly something for everyone.

Obelisk9258d ago

"It has a little something for everyone."

xX-oldboy-Xx59d ago

For me it has to be HORIZON: F.W, R&C: A RIFT APART, SM: MILES MORALES, DEMONS SOULS and Kena: B.O.S. - don't forget Little Devil Inside and RETURNAL.

I expect more at the next PlayStation event, Sony has just given a taste of what we can expect in the next year or so.

UltraNova58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I want Sony to showcase more of what next-gen is capable of. Have devs briefly talk us through their creative design decisions and show parts of their games in order to help us visualise it. They should also focus on new Dualsense, audio tech, and ps5 features and how those new features are going to be implemented in their games. Show what they've been planning for PSN/Plus etc and how are they planning to support VR going forward. And of course list all ps5 launch games.

As for pricing, I think we are going to have to wait for a while for that one.

xX-oldboy-Xx58d ago

Well technically they haven't even showcased the console and its features.

The GDC talk Mark Cerney had was just a taste. I'm sure there's another 2 events before launch.

One for console details, more in depth spec, more game reveals or going into greater detail with games already announced, the other being a tearddown.

medman58d ago

@xx oldboy
Your list is my list. Not necessarily in that order, but all of those games plus Gran Turismo.

xX-oldboy-Xx58d ago

Fingers crossed more than a few end up as launch titles.

The_Hooligan58d ago

Have they announced when the next event is or what the rumor is? Cant wait to see more.

xX-oldboy-Xx58d ago

I've heard August for the next but might even be next month, after GOT releases.

I'd go a few days after the ms event just to squash any hype that it might generate.

The_Hooligan58d ago

Thanks for the info brother. I think beginning of August would be good. This way GOT will have been released and won't be overshadowed by Sony's event.

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PixelKnot59d ago

This is my personal list. No order.
1) Kena: Bridge of Spirits
2) Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
3) Returnal
4) Horizon Forbidden West
5) Demon's Souls

b163o158d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Look I understand everyone's view on HZ, RES8, SPIDERMAN, but we knew these games was coming, and in honesty I really was just expecting a teaser for HZ:FW, kind of like Spiderman Miles. So kudos to the talent at Guerilla Games..

For me LDI wasn't expecting, I had no idea about this game, and after a little research I'm more confident in my decision. The location's, the Art Style, the gameplay, and the depth. Not to mention it's an cross generation exclusive...

Sunny_D58d ago

Yes! The world and theme from what I saw instantly hooked me. And this is their first game too! Definitely look forward to it.

Zoned58d ago

This man tells the truth! Little Devil Inside looked amazing and sounds even better, the majority of the games were good but you know what you're getting with the vast majority of them. Little Devil Inside looks to be a fresh, innovative, and new experience; which is becoming increasingly rare in the current gaming climate!

SamTheGamer58d ago

For me it was

Rachet and Clank
Horizon Forbidden West
Miles Morales
GT: 7
Kena: BoS

Special mention: Stray

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