How big is the graphical improvement on PS5? Horizon 2 PS5 compared with Horizon Zero Dawn PS4

The PlayStation 5 will be several times more powerful than the PlayStation 4. But how big is the difference in graphics? Direct feed screenshots give a good comparison of what to expect.

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iplay1up2531d ago

These "comparison pictures" are not very good. Horizon on PS4 looks fantastic, and no doubt Horizon 2 will be even better looking.

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I_am_Batman529d ago

Here are some animated comparisons I've made of similar scenes taken from cinematic trailers of HZD and HFW. Unfortunately I had to shrink them down, because the file size is pretty big on these. Be careful if you have a data cap these are around 25MB each and might take a while to open depending on your bandwidth:

Flying machines:

Aloy reaches peak & looks into the distance:

Aloy riding a machine:

Even with the reduced resolution and compression it's pretty obvious how much of a step up Forbidden west is compared to Zero Dawn. Foliage density, asset variety and quality, lighting, character details are all vastly improved. Can't wait to see some gameplay.

UltraNova529d ago


Great work there. LOD both up close and in distance is vastly improved. Do you have any side by side stills?

starchild529d ago

It's definitely quite a significant jump forward in visual quality. I immediately noticed the denser grass and other foliage, as well as the other things you mentioned. A lot of people just look at the art direction and assume they're a lot closer in quality than they really are. I notice this happens with multiplats on consoles compared to PC. People focus on the fact they have the same underlying art and world design and often don't really notice all the ways they are improved on PC with things like better shadow quality, denser vegetation, better texture quality, better LOD, less pop-in, added effects, higher precision effects, etc.

Epicor528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Thanks for putting this up. Personally, I'm bit tired with this dick-sucking hype train. I mean all PS5 games look impressive, no doubt. But are we honestly fooling ourselves in thinking that the graphical step from late gen PS4 to PS5 is that significant!? Especially compared to previous gen graphical steps (PS1 --> PS2, PS2 --> PS3, PS3 --> PS4). I'm willing to take the hit and get all the disagree but c'mon guys: the graphical step this gen will not be as big as we have used to. Sure if you really zoom in and try to analyse every single ray tracing effect and play the game on top end big ass 4K TV, sure you can see a difference. But to average Joe the graphical leap won't be super noticeable. Some late gen PS4 games (e.g. Last of us part 2) probably looks even better than some of the PS5 launch titles. Look at these 560p comparison videos of Horizon: the difference is NOT AS BIG as you make it sound. Honestly it took me a while to even recognise that what clips were from original Horizon and which where Forbidden West scenes, especially with this compressed material. Same will go many average Joes who are still running their "HD ready" (720p) or full HD TV's without HDR color support.

I'm not a hater. I'm a huge Sony fanboi and I've owned all of their consoles and played almost exclusively only on PlayStation since the release of the original PlayStation. But god damn I hate the level of fan boyism that N4G, certain sub reddits, and online forums in general posses. Next gen will be AMAZING. PS5 games look good now and they will look even better in few years. But the technological leaps in terms of graphical fidelity are not and will never again be as great as they have been with previous console generations. Same has happened with PC already many years ago. Graphical improvements are only incremental nowadays as we have already reached that good level of graphical fidelity. Only area where graphics are still truly improving is VR (just look at Half Life Alyx!). I will buy PS5 day 1 for sure. And I'm expecting it to have the best game in the industry (as PS always has had). But let's pull our heads out of each others' assholes, please.

Silly gameAr529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

None of these comparisons are good, but they keep making them and they keep getting approved.

WelkinCole529d ago

As someone that has put more than 100hrs in hzd. I can clearly see the difference. The lighting and textures in general are more realistic for starters.

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IRetrouk529d ago

Bit early to be honest, but the jump is obvious.


The Horizon 2 trailer wasn't was "in-engine"...just like the AC Valhalla trailer during Inside Xbox and the Hellblade 2 trailer at the VGAs.

Let's keep the same energy. Unless we see a gameplay demo (like Rachet and Clank), we can't make a determination.

IRetrouk529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

The jump is obvious because it's on a next gen system, ofcourse it's going to look better, but like I said it's really too early because we have seen so little of the new one. And no not like those games, sony said everything was running on a ps5, hellblade was running at 24fps and ac wasnt even running on the xbox hardware, just equivalent pc specs, not really alike at all.

monkey602529d ago

Quite a few sites have done this comparison too. Like gameranx. Doesn't make any sense.
Ratchet and clank shows a huge jump but with Horizon its essentially a CG trailer not fully representative of the game so no comparison can be drawn

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Charlieboy333529d ago

Difference is that with the original 'in engine' turned out to be exactly what was 'in game'. I expect the same.


@charlieboy333 I have no doubt that Horizon 2 will look gorgeous given Guerilla Games' pedigree....but I need to see it in action. The last game looked great, but I'd like to see a higher framerate this time around.

AKS528d ago

The transition sequences in the original Horizon (outside of closeups of faces in dialogue heavy scenes) tended to match the look of the game play very closely throughout the game. It will look very similar to the scenes where she's looking up at the Snapmaw underwater and riding through the grassy areas. Even Xbox channels like Dealer Gaming didn't question it much because he knows how the first game looked.

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KilluaX3529d ago

Hopefully this game comes to PC eventually like the first one so I will be able to play this at 60fps and beyond. I would get this for PS5 but I know the devs don't care about how the game feels to play and thus won't offer any 60fps modes. I'm not going to pay 600 bucks for another LowframeStation. 300 bucks is the most I'll pay for it.

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xX-oldboy-Xx529d ago

Haha - Pathetic attempt mate, you can apply dream that Sony keeps feeding you good games. Enjoy your pissy indies and VALORANT potato graphics.

OT: HZFW looks leagues ahead of HZD - just wait until launch before these comparisons taken seriously.

throne529d ago

you pc fans all want ps games but hate playstation'll probably wait till ps6 is out b4 this one comes to pc and since it supports the dual sense, we all will be enjoying what it has to over, soon they be asking for dual sense support

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DG90529d ago

Imagine getting a kick of posting troll comments you sad sad person. You need a girlfriend or something.

Sunny_D529d ago


You do know Rocket League plays at 60 FPS on all platforms right?

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DrDeath529d ago

We saw no gameplay. So it's silly to compare them at all. We need to compare real assets not touched up cutscenes.

I was playing horizon yesterday in 4k and it's still a great looking game. One of the best with its artistic visuals j would say. It was also allot of fun just messing around and hunting robots and finally starting the frozen wilds dlc (which is sorta tough)

No doubt Horizon 2 will be one of the best looking games around the second time. That reveal was beautiful and impressive still.

FITSniper529d ago

Frozen Wilds wasn't anything new to the game really but it was more of the greatness that is HZD.

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ssj27529d ago

We didn't saw raw gameplay like rancht n clack or gt7 but we did saw gameplay if you couldn't tell the difference watching the video what was gameplay you are clearly never played the first game. Plus everything was captured on the ps5 could have been touch up? Sure i wouldn't be surprised if they add makeup to it

DrDeath527d ago

I watched the reveal. Maybe we saw a glimps of gameplay with aloy riding a strider. But otherwise nothing else

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