The Top Five: Black Characters in Gaming

BY GRANT TAYLOR: When this article was written, the world was in the midst of one of the greatest shows of human solidarity on record. As one, hundreds of millions – if not billions – of voices cried out against inequality and persecution. Against senseless violence, systematic abuse, and an imbalance that a modern world shouldn’t witness.

As put by many organisations the world over, the community is hurting. In the words of Activision: “Until change happens and Black Lives Matter, we will never truly be the community we strive to be.” While remaining as unpolitical as possible, I’d like to join in the celebration of the culture, people and history, and note my top five black characters in gaming.

By all means, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And as always.. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Mr Pumblechook404d ago

This list is wack, there’s no mention of Barret Wallace.

rainslacker404d ago

Some people think he's too much of a stereotype. I always found that view kind of narrow minded though, because while he was single minded to his cause, he still had quite a lot of depth to him, and outside his characterization, he was a pretty deep character with a decent amount of nuance.

garos82405d ago

haha, i want a list of top 5 transexual midgets in gaming.

BrainSyphoned404d ago

Crimson Shorty
Dumpster Diver
Meat Popsicle
Mini Steve
Truxican Wrestler

Gearbox has your “lil” needs covered.

Spicyram405d ago

Do a list of the Top Five: White male Characters in Gaming

Mroc13404d ago

That's going to be a hard one lol

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BillyG0AT405d ago

Because this isn't patronizing at all

aaronaton404d ago

I don't think the author and some people in the comment section get it at all. I love it when liberals fly in like a 'white saviors' and redeem the black community to a list, like they're some kind of rare Pokemon characters.
They never know how racist and patronizing they are sometimes.

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The story is too old to be commented.