Mega Man Legends Composer Wants To Crowdfund The Third Entry

If you're a Mega Man fan, you might remember the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 in 2011. While fans were encouraged to show their support for a new entry even after the project had been axed, it's now 2020 and nothing seems to have come of it.

Now, out of the blue, the Mega Man Legends composer Makoto Tomozawa has asked fans on Twitter if they would be up for crowdfunding Mega Man Legends 3.

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BlackIceJoe60d ago

I'm down for a crowd funding campaign and if this works, hopefully Capcom will open up a crowd funding campaign for Dino Crisis next.

Godmars29060d ago

And here we go again...(sob!)

Godmars29060d ago

At this point a fan done remake of either of the first two done in UE4,5 or Unity would likely have more to show before a C&D - and Capcom still wouldn't have done anything towards other than the C&D!

Pancit_Canton60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Sony should back this up like they did with Shenmue 3. The series started on Playstation and it should end on Playstation.