This Gen's Overhyped Games (Thus Far)

GamerLimit writes: "Every developer wants to see their games title plastered on billboards, in T.V. commercials, and even on soda cans, but few do. But there definitely are some that do. Overhyped games don't mean they are bad or destined for failure, it just means they simply have raised expectations from fans. Fans expect more from a game that they hear and see everywhere. When hyping a game, there are levels. Simple word of mouth can start a tremendous wave of hype. Word of mouth can potentially be the worst kind of hype. When it's passed from this guy who knows that guy who trust the other guy, people believe it. But also there's the simple 50 million dollars spent to do everything possible to get a game in to gamers dreams."

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Saigon5238d ago

you have no idea...and this is MS's all started with them...All they have been doing is overhyping their system and overhyping their games...and the sad part is that people actualy beleive the hype...the only credit i give is that its working...

The Matrix5238d ago

Haze was so over-hyped. I actually thought it was going to be awesome (after playing a demo that was nothing like the actual game) and bought it the first day. Let's just say I returned it pretty quick.

Gue15238d ago

who exactly hyped Haze? because seriously, i don't remember. for the time the game was coming was when ubisoft were making bad ports for the PS3 and when they canceled the new "splinter cell" and made it exclusive for the X360.

do yo know what happened when FFXIII went multiplat? well, something similar happened in that time to ubi and everybody started to hate them so bad.

with this i conclude, who hyped haze? the media hyped haze, i think, because we didn't.

mikeslemonade5238d ago

Not many people thought Haze would be good months before when it came out. It looked "good" at like E3 06. Overhyped is Ninja Gaiden 2 and Fable 2.

buy a ps35238d ago

for the record I like HAZE i bought it for around 25 dollars, the guns feel cool and the environments look unique. no it is not worth 60 dollars or maybe even 30 but if you find it cheap it is a good buy or at least rent it and see if you like it.

ChampIDC5238d ago

Saigon, overhyping games has been around since before MS was even making consoles. It's just the nature of the gaming industry.

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Sayai jin5238d ago

I agree. There are a few more that could go on the list. The funny thing is that the GTA franchise was AAA household name before it became multi plat. The same will happen to Final Fantasy.

I have to say Halo 3 was the most hyped this gen. Is it necessarily wrong for MS to hype up it's top named game and give the ultimate respect to Bungie. I only wish Sony would do the same with some of their big blockbuster games. Did anyone see the Halo Launch in NYC. It was huge. Now could you imagine something similar with MGS4.

Bullseye5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

i'll save a lot of typing and energy if i list the games i haven't found over hyped so far. 1)WipeoutHD 2)L4dead. Anything else has left me somewhat underwhelmed. And before you ask.Yes, i do have Gears2,Fallout3,Fable2 etc. None of these IMHO lived up to their respective levels of pre release hype. Although, again IMHO, Fable2 is reasonable.

Silogon5238d ago

Halo 3 & GTA4 clearly... they are without a doubt the perfect examples of overhyped games. Why? Cause not only are they not very good, but they also sold very well. This puts balance into being overhyped more than a game that sucks and has sucky sales > Too Human.

See, if Little Big planet was on there it wouldn't make sense... The game is incredible, just the sales aren't. That doesn't mean it failed at what it set out to do, it means the consumers failed to understand what it did.

Big difference... Idiot consumers will buy the most average wad of $#*T if it has a cool cover and some hype behind it.

pharmd5238d ago

gamesblow, is that you??

Silogon5238d ago

Man, you found me out!!! What shall I ever do?


The notion is old and it's been beat like a Keith Moon drumset. I'm not Games Blow, man.

thor5238d ago

Those games are overhyped in the sense that they are not of any better quality than other great games out there, yet they sold and were reviewed a lot better. They are still great games though. Just not over and above everything else, like the sales and reviews would lead you to believe.

Another One5238d ago

could never live up to that kind of hype. It could of been the greatest game ever and it still wouldn't have lived up to the hype.

I can't think of another over-hyped game. A game is only over-hyped if you allow it to be.

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Fobuo5238d ago

It had standard game hype you know,people weren't saying "OMFG HAZE ALL OVER MAH FACE!" it was more like "Will pick it up if it does well!" type of hype.

And furthermore,Haze wasn't really a huge disaster people claim it was.It sold over 400,000 copies,and the bulk of its reviews were in the 6/10 area,so it was a flawed game but not flawed to the point where it's unplayable.It just didn't have the modern FPS mechanics that work so well.I'm confident Free Radical will work harder to make sure TimeSplitters 4 has great gameplay.

IMO,the most overhyped game of this year by far is GTA 4.I love Rockstar,I've played every single GTA game(Even GTA:London).But GTA 4 was the most repetitive-and in some instances-down-right boring game I've played all year.I would give it a solid 7.5/10,if it weren't for the horrible driving mechanics I would bump up the score to an 8.

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