GT: Three Debut Trailers

GameTrailers has released three exclusive debut trailers of Wanted, The Punisher: No Mercy and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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sushipoop3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

What the? The Punisher looks surprisingly good (graphically I mean) for a PSN game. I wonder how big the download file will be. And holy sh*t @ Batman. I hope that teaser was running in real-time.

outlawlife3830d ago

i think the batman trailer may have been real time, there was a hint of tear in a few places that seem to elude to the fact that it may have been running and not pre-rendered

outlawlife3830d ago

im kind of curious about the punisher game on psn, why not just go the full length and release it physically if it looks that good?

I'm gonna guess that is is hella short or something because if it isn't then the file is going to be huge and not make sense for a downloadable game

also wondering what the song is in the punisher trailer, if it isn't an original tune

PoSTedUP3829d ago

damn ive been waiting for this punisher game ever since it was announced, looks really good and WANTED looks really good too, the movie was ridiculously awesome.

rbluetank3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

the way he is holding the shotgun with those jennifer Beal gloves on looks funny. i was waiting to hear "i am a maniac" song in the back ground. the game looks like a playstation 2 game. i noticed UT3 engine being used and that explains everything. rent to own. i really love the first game. i was hoping for more but renting is better then losing $60. it okay when i proceed that way first...