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An extract of an interview with Hudson about Alien Crush Returns by WiiWare World:

"WiiWare World: What were some of the challenges you faced in updating a classic title like the Turbografx-16 version of Alien Crush?

Amar Gavhane: Since the last game in the series came out well over a decade ago, it was mainly finding the right elements to add to the game to make it feel modern yet retro at the same time. I feel like we hit the modern mark with the action balls and motion controls, and hit the retro mark with the story, audio, and gameplay itself.

WW: Why was the decision made to add a story mode and boss fights to the game? Was there a concern that the straight-up classic pinball action of the original title might not be enough to satisfy gamers in today's gaming world?

AG: I think that's certainly part of it. Back then, games were highly constrained by memory limits. Nowadays, gamers expect much more from their games. Adding the story mode and boss fights both contributed to the modern/retro feel of the game.

WW: What are some of the advantages/disadvantages to developing for the WiiWare service as opposed to developing a full retail title?

AG: The biggest disadvantage right away is the memory limit. You don't have gigs upon gigs of memory to make a game. At the same time, though, it's an advantage in that you have to really prune down your game to its essential, pure, most fun elements. Other advantages that make WiiWare great are the motion controls and the audience. I know a lot of the long-time gamers/hardcore crowd aren't especially pleased with the games on the platform, but for us, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a new audience that is a little more hesitant to spend a ton of money on a very complex game.

WW: How long was Alien Crush Returns in development?

AG: Not long at all, about 8 months.

WW: Did any of the original Alien Crush development team work on or have any input on the development of Alien Crush Returns?

AG: No, it was an entirely new team this time around. That last game was made a loooooong time ago."

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