High Expectations Will be Attached to the PlayStation 5 Reveal

Gamerheadquarters; "With the PlayStation5 reveal almost being upon us, there are certainly high expectations attached to the showcase. Since the Xbox Series X has had information trickling out for awhile, and with Sony’s quieter approach these two factors have been building a lot of hype around the initial presentation."

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waverider1088d ago

Its sony. It will have gameplay on a gameplay event, More, they wont be all running in a high end PC GPU from Nvidia (2080TI), like others did.

crazyCoconuts1088d ago

And does it even have to be fantastic to surpass what we've seen from team Xbox so far? They've done a great job imbuing in us that the XSX has a power advantage, but in terms of games it won't take much from Sony to win that fight.

lifeisgamesok1088d ago

Yeah, and Sony seem very confident and they want everyone to tune in

The show is going to be good. I think we can expect either Spider-man, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 or God of War

Also some guesses
Resident Evil 8
Silent Hills
Lost Soul Aside
Gran Turismo 7
Star Field
Demon Souls
Crash Bandicoot
Dragon Age
Housemarque new IP
Supermassive new IP or Until Dawn 2

waverider1088d ago

Yeah, your right. They went with the teraflops narrative and that backfired big time with the Vahala reveal, beside the lack of gameplay... And lack of hype with the games that they reveal.

bouzebbal1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

i miss some of these console war fun and trolls

russo1211088d ago

I'm ready for a good ride 8). Bring the games, bring the exclusives, bring real next gen to all of us.

Chris121088d ago

Xbox's key event is next month, why don't you wait to see that before jumping to the usual hyperbole fanboy conclusions.

darthv721088d ago

Certain games are a given so Im not really going to be blown away by reveals of GT7, Spider-man 2, Gow2 or HZD2. But if they throw out some serious curve balls like the Order 2, killzone 4, or even sunset overdrive 2... then hot damn it will blow my mind.

russo1211088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )


"...why don't you wait to see..."

Fortunatelly that kind of disease don't propagate over gaming community, that's exclusive to Xbox fanboys. We don't need the wait loop.

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Kumakai1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

But that’s basically what the ps5 and series x are. That’s their power point. And Sony does the same thing so don’t be naive. And the series x still has more gpu than ps5 by about 35% more power (20 more CUs and a faster locked clock) so it can runs games faster and higher res.

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Relientk771088d ago

I'm hoping for games and lots of them.

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monkey6021088d ago

I dont expect anything other than games tonight. I actually doubt we'll see the console or a date/price

Just a load of awesome looking games to get excited about

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