PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: CPU Debate – Round 2: Variable Frequency

Jon of RGN writes, "This time around, we are looking at Mark Cerny’s claims of Variable Frequency and a dynamically changing power draw for the CPU / GPU of the PS5 using Proprietary ICs combined with AMD SmartShift."

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isarai1206d ago

People act like "Variable frequency" is a new thing and it isn't. Some modern CPUs have been doing this for a while. It's all dependent on demend, why use full clock if it isn't needed? In the end the user experience is absolutely no different, it just lowers average power consumption by not working harder than it needs to.

--Onilink--1206d ago

Its always working at a set power consumption (which we dont know how much )
So even you are getting it wrong by saying it lowers average power consumption

Games1st1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Set isn't max, less than 100% will reduce power consumption.

--Onilink--1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )


“ Cerny acknowledges that thermal solutions on prior generation hardware may not have been optimal, but the concept of operating to a set power budget makes the concept of heat dissipation an easier task to handle, despite the impressive clocks coming from the CPU and GPU.”

It is set, they have a predetermined budget and the frequency is the one that varies based on the workload. As opposed to the more typical method used by the SX in which the power consumption does vary greatly depending on load.

Though again, how the budget works and how high or low the power consumption is within that budget is within that budget is still unknown. Though if we take Cerny’s comment that the majority of the time the GPU and CPU should opperate at the “boosted” peak speeds, then the power consumption shouldnt really be lower than usual (especially at such high frequencies for the GPU)

bouzebbal1205d ago

I understand nothing and I don't want to.. Just want games that kick ass on ps5, and I know we will.

mkis0071206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

But it is a new thing in that it is the inverse of what we already have. It operates at its full frequency and boosts down for a moment. Right now they operate at the full frequency and boost up for a moment.

OB1Biker1206d ago

Or more like, people act like 'variable frequency' is a bad thing

isarai1205d ago

Well that's sorta my point, we have real world examples to guage just what "variable frequency" equates to, which to the user, makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. Yet people are acting like it's some unknown variable that's gonna end up as a detriment.

anubusgold1205d ago

It is for high speed high action games it causes micro stutter in games that will get you killed. Thats why i manual overclock all my pc's i dont want my gpu or cpu speeds dancing all over the place i want stable frame rates.

1206d ago
ps3rider1206d ago

why people compare pc to console

NeoGamer2321206d ago

Blah, blah, blah....

To me, the games will tell us the difference, not a bunch of specs and marketing.

traumadisaster1206d ago

Blah blah blah people commenting on an article that u say is blah blah blah.

We don’t have games so we can talk about what we do know and frankly whatever else.

Generally changing frequency is in order to conserve resources, I prefer full wide ass open power and I’d buy another psu if it gave a boost.

I don’t care what my power bill is...the ac is gonna run and the tv and console/pc will run.

NeoGamer2321206d ago

I don't remember anyone saying they couldn't talk about this topic.

I am just commenting that no matter which way is better means nothing without great games.

CaptainHenry9161205d ago

I'm glad this is an opinion piece article 😃

Babadook71205d ago

It is different. Sony’s approach is different.

gamer78041205d ago

Exactly this is why PlayStation has a bunch of fans in there. I think they are trying to avoid overheating

MecheSlays1205d ago

My thing is whats the minimum clock? Just so you can kinda set a baseline of what performance is guaranteed to be.

anubusgold1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

The clock speed on the gpu will make a huge difference some NVIDIA gpus you can get 25 percent performance boost for free with overclocking. My 1080 has a boost clock of 1797 MHz I run it at 2150Mhz for the last 3 years thats why i havent bought a RTX card i dont need to yet. 90+ fps in all games at 1440p Most games run at 120fps. Cod and BF5 are the only two games that push it running between 90 and 112 fps but thats on ultra i dont set my games to butt ugly like streamers in multiplayer.

OB1Biker1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Wow I finally watched the video ; what a load of rubbish. That's what makes N4G articles now?

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waverider1206d ago

I think its a cool idea. It doesnt need to be working at 100% with games that dont ask for that kind of power.

GamerRN1206d ago

The problem is it can't operate and the proclaimed max for long periods, only short bursts. So the question is does it really qualify as 10.4tflops if it can only operate at that speed/temp for a short while before clocking down

waverider1206d ago

Dude, thats a lie. Cerny talked about that. It can work at max flops without time limit. This isnt PC turbo. Thats something else. Think a bit before talk. That wouldnt make any sense.

GamerRN1206d ago


Can you link me to that source? Because I have multiple sources from devs that say otherwise

RazzerRedux1206d ago

Nonsense. Cerny said flatly that the GPU would run in boost mode continuously.


"Can you link me to that source? Because I have multiple sources from devs that say otherwise"

Now....link your "multiple sources from devs".

GamerRN1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )


Boost mode refers to the boost to the backwards compatible games... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦 🏻‍♂️🤦🏻 ‍ ♂️

Like the boost mode on the current PS4 Pro

Oh boy...

Just look below at the quote from Cerny himself posted by @Sol4ris... Sorry bud!

RazzerRedux1206d ago

"Boost mode refers to the boost to the backwards compatible games"

lol....bullshit. You don't know what you are talking about. Boost mode is running at peak frequency or near it. All modern GPUs have a boost clock.

Here is a RTX 2080

Look at the clock speeds. "Boost clock". Just like PS5. This bullshit about boost being for BC games is nonsense you made up because, again, you don't know what you are talking about.

What happened to all those devs that "said otherwise"? Ah...more bullshit you made up. Got it.

thtruth5741205d ago

Agreed. " Boost" implies that it can't be maintained or it would just be it's clock speed. So..... Also, thermal solution would not be big news if heat wasn't a problem. Why are we talking about a stupid fan or fans? The heat rumors are true. Face it.

RazzerRedux1205d ago


"" Boost" implies that it can't be maintained or it would just be it's clock speed. "

No, it means when there isn't a load then the GPU will not run at boost. Again, you are talking about the same concepts used in PC GPUs here. This isn't new. A RTX 2080ti runs in boost mode when under load. Fact.

" So..... Also, thermal solution would not be big news if heat wasn't a problem."

lol....then Xbox Series X has a heat "problem" as well as it has a "thermal solution". What is this nonsense? Every CPU and GPU on the market has a "thermal solution". You are acting like these are entirely new concepts.

ILostMyMind1205d ago

Who said that?