Mafia Remake may feature motorbikes

The Mafia Remake may features motorbikes as additonal content, Hangar 13 suggest.

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DeadManMMX377d ago

But will it feature fast travel? IF not GTFO

Bigman4k377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Really fast travel is what you're worried about you must be from this generation

DeadManMMX377d ago

3 games with no fast travel that made you drive the entire map to do missions like the game was made in 2003. Hell even San Andreas has cabs. That poor game design choice is one thing that has held this series back.its also common sense thanks.

Interinactive_377d ago

It'll be cheaper for them and better for fans of the original if you GTFO instead. Easier too.

Razmiran377d ago

I mean, the map is pretty small already

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Casandshail377d ago

Trains were in the original

Zjet377d ago

Don't worry I agree with you, I wouldn't say its a game breaker but modern mechanics like fast travel are a good thing.

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ClayRules2012377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

That’d be interesting.

Yodasfavoritesoda377d ago

Hopefully it runs better than mafia 2 definitive edition. Holy crap it’s the first game I have ever had to stop playing because of crashing.

EazyC377d ago

I'm thinking (hoping) that they're pouring their heart and soul into the Mafia 1 remake then thought "oh shit we need to make some money" and just repackaged Mafia 2/3 all willy-nilly.

Yodasfavoritesoda377d ago

You could be right. I just hope they patch 2 because I got about half way through it and had to quit. The game looks good enough it’s just really buggy

EazyC377d ago

I'm all for additional content if it fits the spirit of the original. Full disclosure, I've never actually played the original but I hope to experience it as fans of it did -- which is, as I understand it, slow and immersive. It's actually very rare to get this in a game these days. One instance I can remember this-gen is the RDR 2 prologue, which I thought was excellent.

Will be great to play an open world game devoid of the ubiquitous modern videogame tropes (inane side quests, collectibles, fast travel etc.).

Interinactive_377d ago

They already said they're adding collectibles and I doubt it'll stop there

I played this in high school when it first came out. Even then it was a breath of fresh air. GTAIII had already been out for a year and was very arcadey. This was the polar opposite, at the time it felt like a game for adults and I loved every minute.

It's hard to believe it'll be a faithful remake when it's in Hangar 13's hands.

REDGUM377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

I'm currently playing the 3rd installment and enjoying it.
Admittedly, it was the free PSN version but liking it nonetheless.
As most here and on other blogs say that 2&3 were buggy and not as good as the 1st I'm actually super keen to try it out.