Classic Mobile Game Spotlight - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (N-Gage 2.0)

When the original run of Nokia’s N-Gage platform crashed and burned, it was thought that we would never hear the name ever again. The initial issues people had with the taco were all smoothed out by the N-Gage QD, yet it still failed to catch on.

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plmkoh1017d ago

The N88 was such an excellent phone at the time. You had 2 integrated analogue buttons in the earpiece, so then combined with the D pad and the volume rocker as your should buttons, I was able to play full GBA games. Not sure why we don't have Android phones with similar integrated buttons on the face.

ZachMurphyQT1014d ago

It would be so handy!
I still play a lot on old mobiles as the games should not have been left behind!