Rockstar Games shutting down access to their online games in honor of George Floyd

Rockstar Games shuts game servers.

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-Foxtrot1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

How's this going to stop racism?

People turn to video games because they want to escape the shitty reality of the world and this year they are needed more than ever with the pandemic and being depressed even turning on the news channel. I mean it's only for a few hours and I don't personally care for GTA Online but it just seems like Rockstar reaching for brownie points.

KilluaX31031d ago

It's most likely just a server maintenance.

-Foxtrot1031d ago


Renaming "Temporary Server Maintenance" to "In Honour Of..."

SierraGuy1030d ago

Yep...and they fkn lie to make it look like they give a f.

I saw some stupid stuff today...but this takes the cake.

Sayai jin1030d ago

@Dirtnapstor, " If gas is used as a deterrent to clear an area, it lingers. " What are you talking about? What types of application or experience have you had with tear gas? I am a retired SOF veteran (lol I am a lot older than most on this site) and I can tell you from experience there are several factors that go into how long tear gas and smoke lingers, wind speed/direction, humidity, potency, etc. There are different chemical compounds used, thus there are different types of tear gas.

Sayai jin1030d ago

@DerfDerf, just stop. You sound like state run media. You are going down the standard talking points for the current POTUS.

Not everything is Trump's fault. Of course not, but that didn't stop the same people saying everything was Obama's, Bush, etc fault.

What experience do you have with tear gas? I can tell you that I have a lot of experience with it and various other forms of chemical weapons/deterrence, along with a slew of other kinds of agents. I know the affects of smoke bombs, flashbangs, etc. I served as an SOF operator for over 21 years on active duty. I saw the real time feed of what happened and I saw the effects of the deterrence that was used. They used a tear gas, flash bangs, pepper bombs, and smoke bombs. No, not all of the Park Police were using gas mask, but most of the guardsmen were. There is footage of them putting it on as the POTUS was doing his speech. The White House states that tear gas wasn't used. The CDC's said that it was used. The agents they used are classified as tear gas.
I can tell you that the US military banned the use of tear gas in real world use...aka we do not use it in battle.
Now, people can argue about why the peaceful protesters were fired upon and moved. Yes, these protester had been assembled for about 8 hours and were peaceful. You even tried to slant it by saying "that they burned the church the day before". Who? Do you have evidence that the group that was moved committed?
I'll wait...

There is a reason why so many retired 4 Star generals condemned the actions that day. I know I know...they are against the POTUS... Stop. Those leaders are all conservative and most supported most of Trump's actions throughout his term. Also, Gen. Mattis rebuked his former boss. If you have ever served and had the honor of serving under someone like Gen Mattis, you would no they are almost always apolitical and choose their words carefully.

I saw the media trying to latch on that Trump was using SOF active duty members to help with riot control. That is incorrect. They showed pictures of the so called SOF members and they were SOF support personnel, so I called it out. I call out BS no matter left, right, center, black, white, Democrattic, Republican, etc.

Your post is full of the same right wing talking points. You see them over and over. I won't even bother going into your claim about what Trump has done for the black community. Also, the whole Democrat ran states are terrible mantra. Look, most if not all of the states that have the highest unemployment, highest poverty rates, last in education, are Republican ran states. The Democratic and Republican party are both failing parties. It is more than evident. Too many failures in Washington, McConnell, Pelosi, etc. So you know I am an now and have always been an independent.

Lastly, America is in an unprecedented time. Unfortunately, we have 42 million people unemployed and many of those jobs will not be coming back, have an ongoing pandemic which had a late and anemic response, and now protest ongoing in over 430 cities and towns nationwide. All under this POTUS' watch.

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littletad1031d ago

Not to stop racism, just to honor and remember him since today is his memorial service. Nice try with the segue crap. If you can wait for service maintenance, you can wait two hours to get back to a game.

-Foxtrot1031d ago

Oh I couldn't give a shit about GTA Online, I just don't see what they want from this, seems like it's just for show so people will give them some respect.

They could donate money to pay protesters bail or donate something to BLM causes currently set up, things that will be put to use.

littletad1031d ago

I don't think there is meant to be any gain from it, just a small show of respect. They didn't announce any donation, that I know of or read yet.

DerfDerf1030d ago

I understand wanting to honor someone who died unjustly but the dude was a career criminal who once held a pregnant woman at gunpoint while he robbed her home. He was also on drugs when everything went down. This was not an upstanding black citizen. Candace Owens said it best when she said African Americans are the only race that gets upset over the lowest common denominator. No other race puts criminals on a pedestal and then puts their faces shirts and praises them.

xTonyMontana1030d ago

Am I missing something here? Maybe it's because I'm not American or because I'm white and can't possibly understand how this makes ethnic minorities feel but it seems a bit much for me. In a more normal time I'd welcome it and fully support but with Covid running rampant and all the people lost to that, it just seems like a bad idea. It's only a few hours at the end of the day but if they want to honour him, add him somewhere the game in a future update or something.

Godmars2901030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

May as well be virtue signing as what's its suppose to represent becomes forgotten in the effort.

"They didn't announce any donation, that I know of or read yet."

That sounds like a good idea: donate a percentage of subscriptions to charity. That day's income.

kneon1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


He could have been a complete and utter dirtbag, that still wouldn't justify his killing by a police officer. He wasn't fighting them, he wasn't a threat, and yet he died.

Some past protests over cops killing a black person were unjustified because the person in question posed a direct threat to the police or others, this is not one of those cases. These protests are justified.

BongSmack1030d ago

@xTonyMontana. Empathy is the thing your missing. You, me and the rest of the world have been dealing with Covid for a few months. Poc, and especially African Americans have been dealing with systemic racism for their entire lives.

BongSmack1030d ago

@DerfDerf You don't believe a word of what you just said. If you did, you'd be too brain damaged to type or speak them. And for the record I've seen plenty of white people wearing T-shirts that praise Trump.

ReignMan_271030d ago

@DerfDerf People love to bring up the fact that he held a pregnant woman at gunpoint in 2007, which is really messed up on all kinds of levels. What I haven't heard one person mention tho was that in recent years before he had been murdered, he was involved in Christian ministry work and also he led a basketball outreach program for the youth. I just keep hearing people mention that he was a seasoned criminal as if to justify his murder or something. At least it seemed as if he was actually trying to take action to right all the wrongs he had done in the past.

DerfDerf1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

@ReignMan_27 I understand what you are saying and I do agree with you quite a bit. I believe people can absolutely change. I'm in no way shape or form saying his death was just. It's absolutely fucking disgusting what happened to him. However the fact that he turned his life around kind of runs into a wall when it turns out the dude was a meth head and had meth in his system at the time of his death. Hell the initial 911 call against him was because the dude was meth'd out.

@kneon I absolutely agree with you 100%. What happened to him should never have happened and he very clearly was not a threat to the police officers. The 3 cops watching it happen are equally to blame and they need to throw the book at all of them.

@BongSmack Watch this and explain to me where she is wrong.......

The Wood1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


I judged you too quickly off your first comment

Your following comment fixed that.

As others had said, this is in honour......not to fix racism...totally different goals.
What happened to him was wrong but I notice not too many people who point to the slain mans past bring up the record of the officer and complaints and disciplinaries he's had against him.

Sayai jin1030d ago

@Derfderf, the fact that you quote some like Candice Owens speaks volumes. Owens is a grifter. She is paid to say negative things about black people. These types of people have always existed. Also, generalizing people isn't a good thing. Further highlighting that you and people whonshate your ideology is clueless or don't care to understand. The man, Geroge Floyd was murdered in cold blood. Lynched. I know the the narrative to demonize the victim. Is listing his past issues, crimes, etc demonizing? It is when it is not relevant to what happened to him. So please explain why his past caused him being murdered? I'll wait... Using Owens ideology, that would mean that black people love criminals. Look, hateful people in America have done their best at deomonizing minorities. I don't know one black person who supports criminal behavior, but then again his mursernhas nothing to do what him being murderes. Well, unless you equate alleged conterfeit crimes a desthe sentence. Those talking points are a way certain folks try to change the subject , instead of talking about the real issue. Also, using that beyond flawed logic, I saw white people supporting Dylan Roof. I could be narrow minded or racist and just take those whites who supported his savage actions and say, well whites are the only people that honor and glorify criminal...or the lowest commin denominator. See how that work.

If you think people are honoring Floyd's criminal past, then you are being disingenuous and/or ignorant. Also, Floyd served prison time, which means he paid his debt to society. So what was the reason for his execution?

I have been around long enough and experienced many types of people. People who will say the rubber stamped comments like "what happened to him or I understand wanting to honor someone who died unjustly...they then try to diminish the unjust actions. It's old man. It's very predictable behavior. It's usually followed, by...but I have black or asian, etc friends.

Lastly, even former criminals, prisoners, and even the lowest common denominators are still gauranteed their life and equal protection under the law.

On topic, meh. They are a private company that they can do what they want to do. No matter if I approve of it or not.

Sayai jin1030d ago

@Reignman, certain folks like to pretend to be rational and compassionate human being, but they they will mention something that is irrefutably wrong and finish it with a but....(insert flawed logic or talking point).

As you can see by the protest there ar many types of people protesting, white, black, cops, church leadership, etc among the protester. Thugs and criminals have used the protest as a screen to wreak havoc. Anyway, certain folks see those protest, which are not only national, but worldwide, and are bothered in various manner becuase they realize that they are in the minority.

Also, folks like DerfDerf don't realize is that grifters like Candice Owens is considered to be one of the lowest common denominators. Ilk like her have been around for a while. They were the slaves that would run to "massa" and tell them how good they were to them and that the other slaves were lazy and ungrateful.

Sitdown1030d ago

No other race in the US has endured being marginalized like African Americans either, but please, continue to prop up your agenda, with of all people, Candace Owens.
In all your ranting, all you simply stated is that African Americans believe that all people deserve a level of respect, regardless of your past.

Master of Unlocking1030d ago

Is it actually proven that was a case of racism though? Is it a fact or an assumption based solely on the fact that the police officer was white and the perpetrator black? Don't hit, I'm just asking a question, I don't know what actually happened, I'm not even from the US...

Mulletino1030d ago

Maybe they can have him be a character in their next game?

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NecrumOddBoy1031d ago


So this is the dilemma we are in as a society and why nothing ever changes. Rockstar shuts down the servers to take a moment of silence but people criticize it as pandering. Sony and MS tweet BLM and are attacked. Does it really matter why? Like if a politician says a kind word or speech, why is the media's goal to discredit it? Why? It's just divisiveness because that is what keeps this train moving to keep everyone in their place (standing against each other in blind hate). When everyone stops trying to find the worst in everything and everyone else, maybe people can actually see how awesome life can be. Just a thought.

-Foxtrot1031d ago

It kind of matters when you had the awful, AWFUL shit going on in China late last year and early this year before the pandemic, people being beaten, police brutality, people's voices being silenced, peaceful protests being met with violence, some activists have apparently gone missing and so on...yet did any of these gaming companies say anything? Nope not a thing.

It's just companies picking and choosing who they want to support when they know it suits them and if they aren't going to get any shit thrown back at them.

It's different the gaming industry stopping the live Summer game show this week when it JUST happened but shutting down a game server? Come on.

caddytrek1031d ago

-Foxtrot What has China done that the police in the US haven't done? People have been tear gassed beaten and arrested right here in America.

You have a President that himself ordered tear gassing of a peaceful protest so he could do a photo op. The same President that is violating the constitution using the military to silence protestors right here in America. The same President that is telling state governors to be violent toward protestors saying he will unconstitutionally over ride their authority and again unconstitutionally use military which he has threatened to have kill people.

You guys are so completely out of touch with the reality that is going on in America right now pointing fingers while shutting your eyes and plugging your ears to whats going on around you.

Trump would happily order tanks to roll over people just like Tiananmen Square given the opportunity and the sad thing is his supporters would be cheering him on while he does it.

Rocketisleague1031d ago

Caddy...that is foxtrots point though. US is just as bad as China. It's about time you have a president that treats his own country like the US treats "foreign threats".

Hopefully US citizens can see how blind they have been over the last 60 years.

Dirtnapstor1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Dude...or dudette, I don’t know..... I chuckle every time you spout nonsense. You have not a clue. Really, you don’t. We don’t hold a candle to China’s police enforcement in regard to enforcing laws. Been welded in your home much?
Trump’s photo shoot? Yeah, sure. They disperse gas to remove a crowd and moments later he walks into said area? If gas is used as a deterrent to clear an area, it lingers. There’s so much more that has been deliberately misleading just for the sake of division. All this crap is no longer about justice... You play stupid games, you’ll get stupid prizes.

Elda1031d ago

Preach!! You get it.

LOGICWINS1031d ago

I agree with Foxtrot. These publishers would be better served with getting their own houses in order by abolishing microtransactions, loot boxes, overworking/underpaying game devs etc.

ForwardDude1031d ago

Well said. Intelligent and well written. Downvoting won't make what Necrum said untrue or less intelligent.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom! 👍

I_am_Batman1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

@Caddytrek: As far as I can tell Foxtrot is just calling out the inconsistency of these corporations. I get where he's coming from. It's not to say that there is anything negative about the donations or words of tribute to the current cause, but if you've seen some of the shit that's going on in the world on a daily basis, without any of these corporations ever shining a light on it, I think we are allowed to ask the question why they only ever care in situations where they have economic skin in the game.

I've seen people post lists of publishers that haven't made a statement yet. On Kinda Funny they've discussed why Nintendo hasn't said anything yet, and the guest suggested to remember who stayed silent and think about boycotting companies that haven't made a statement. This is nonsense. Do you even care about a statement if it's just a standard form with a different company logo on it? Sincerity is what counts, not going through the motions.

Kabaneri1031d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


Police in US are not nearly as bad as China. There are no human rights or free speech in China, Uighur muslims are being put in reeducation camps where they're tortured and their organs are harvested for sale on the black market. African migrants in China are treated far worse than African Americans. Did you forget Tiannenman Square where they ran over student protesters with tanks? Incredible how nobody criticizes China but its ok to bash the US all day. If the US is such a racist hellhole then why don't you commies move to China or North Korea? The US is not a perfect republic but its far better than China's Orwellian dictatorship, a regime responsible for the deaths of 80 million.

TekoIie1031d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


"As far as I can tell Foxtrot is just calling out the inconsistency of these corporations. I get where he's coming from."

Let's just clarify this. Movements like BLM are so clearly in the right that corporations view it as no brainer to back them. That's what this really is. Corporations back whatever promises the best return. It's why Chick-fil-a can go from backing anti-LGBT charities years ago, and then completely flip on that position once it proves to be the less profitable stance.

This is not inconsistency. It's just you being illiterate on the basics of running a large corporation and maintaining a good public image.

"I think we are allowed to ask the question why they only ever care in situations where they have economic skin in the game."

You do know how capitalism and a consumer driven market works right?

fathertime44641030d ago

Politics and entertainment should be separate. Hold a press conference, make a donation, don't use paid services for politics regardless of how noble or not. We didn't buy your shit for you to shut it off ofor a pretty stunt. That includes forced LGBTQ crap also. Entertainment is just that entertainment. If I want to have a moment of silence I'll do it when I'm not trying to have fun

caddytrek1030d ago


Your misunderstanding what either he or I am saying or both of us if you think we're saying the same thing.


There is nothing funnier than people calling people uninformed who are themselves uninformed.

First the protesters were on the street not at the church where Trump took the photo.

Second Tear gas doesn't actually have that big of a spread or duration (of course there are different varieties) but even for fairly small crowds you need to use multiple canisters to get a spread.

Honestly if you think that is some kind of fabrication I'll just assume you're the same type of person who thinks mass shootings are fake and that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of a pizza shop.

Kabaneri the police have in America both arrested press members from several news outlets and fired tear gas directly at press covering the protests. And we have Trump repeatedly threatening the press, not doing press briefings for almost 3 years and trying to enact laws to restrict what they can say.

Really your replies just show that maybe you need to stop playing video games for a couple hours and take some time to see what's really going on around you. People in the Trump bubble get completely oblivious to the larger picture or just willingly go along with things they should know are wrong and far to often are completely hypocritical.

DerfDerf1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


You are a fool. You think this is Trumps doing? You think he is to blame for all of our issues? A little research will tell you he has done more for the black community than any President in the past 40 years. The Black Lives Matter movement was formed in 2013 under Obama and almost all of these injustices as well as the rioting and looting happens in Democratic run cities and states but it's somehow Trump's fault. Get out of here with that nonsense. Open your eyes. You believe Trump tear gassed peaceful protestors so he could have a photo op but didn't use your powers of deduction and sit back and say that's weird how the cops aren't wearing gas masks and walking right through that so called tear gas. There are plenty of videos to prove I am right. Those protestors were also warned way in advance to clear out by a loud speaker as well as cavalry riding through and telling them to clear out. That is quite literally the protocol for the President leaving the White House in general. Riot or not. Also give it up with the whole peaceful protest nonsense. They just burnt the damn church down the day before and were scaling at the time they were cleared out. There have been almost as many black deaths by the hands of rioters now as there have been for the entire year up to this point when it comes to unarmed blackmen being killed by cops. Which is still less than unarmed white people being killed by cops. There are better chances for an unarmed white man to be killed by the police than a black one. And that percentage is based on police encounters which completely negates the whole argument that white people make up a larger percentage of the population. Trump hasn't done one thing since becoming President that negatively impacts the black community however the media wants to convince you otherwise and you eat it up. How many times does the media have to be proven wrong before people like you start realizing that Trump is not the issue. One last thing.....the police departments that are so terrible are run by the state. Those states are run by Democrats. Pull your head out of your ass. Pure ignorance.

Kabaneri1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


In China they don't just throw tear gas and arrest you so you can be bailed out 3 hours later. In China, you get sent to labor camps to be "reeducated" and/or you get executed.Tear gas and non lethal rounds are standard procedure for riot control around the world. You clearly don't know what real dictators do to protestors and opposition media. I will always support Trump over those who contribute nothing to America and wish to burn it down. I migrated to to the US to escape Cuban communism and I will oppose the Antifa commies to my last breath if necessary.

I_am_Batman1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

@Tekolie: You've completely missed my point. I'm responding mainly to the people that don't acknowledge that an economic self-interest is part of the equation. Your whole comment is build on that premise. We don't really have anything to discuss then.

HICK1030d ago

@DerfDerf, well said. If people would do their own research and think for a second instead of letting the media brainwash them with propaganda, they would understand what you just laid out. Thank you for that.

TekoIie1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


Ah, I see. You don't understand capitalism or corporations maintaining a public image. You want to engage in whataboutism, but as soon as someone actually addresses your point you back off and say you have nothing to discuss.

Thank you for making it abundantly clear you don't care about the BLM protesters or the Chinese, and are just engaging in moral grandstanding.


The irony of running away from an authoritarian state to then come and support an authoritarian president.

caddytrek1030d ago

Let me fix that for you.

"Donald Trump will tell you he has done more for the black community than any President in the past 40 years"

I_am_Batman1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

@Tekolie: Let's take a couple steps back.

What do you think am I saying?
What 'whataboutisms' am I engaging in?
What point of my original comment have you addressed?
What do I not understand about capitalism in your opinion?

TekoIie1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


1. Your point was in defence of Foxtrot bringing China into the conversation for no reason. You defended the argument of 'You care about BLM and police brutality? Buhwhatabout China police?'. Textbook Whataboutism.
2. China has nothing to do with police brutality in the US. Bringing China into the conversation is nothing more than attempt to deflect from the original topic.
3. The point where you try to claim corporations are being inconsistent by taking a position on this. Corporations are consistent only in their attempts to create profits. Nothing more; nothing less. If you object to their support of BLM then you means you're objecting the idea of corporation appealing to a consumer driven market.
4. That was quite clearly explained in my first comment to you. If you don't understand that corporations will often support political issues because theres a profit incentive to do so then this conversation is out of your depth.

I_am_Batman1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

@Tekolie: Ok this is good. I was right to point out that you missed my point then.

I have to start with point number 4 or everything else won't make sense:
Not only do I understand the profit-motive behind these decisions. Me trying to convey that as a main contributing factor was the entire point of my initial comment.

A whataboutism is a logical fallacy used to discredit a position without addressing it's content. I never discredited the actions of these corporations, in fact I specifically pointed out that I don't object to these statements or donations, but I wanted highlight the motives behind them. I just used the inconsistency as an example to poke holes in the hypothesis that these statements/donations are purely based on altruism.

Hope this clears everything up then.

TekoIie1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


"Not only do I understand the profit-motive behind these decisions. Me trying to convey that as a main contributing factor was the entire point of my initial comment."

My first comment:

"Corporations back whatever promises the best return. It's why Chick-fil-a can go from backing anti-LGBT charities years ago, and then completely flip on that position once it proves to be the less profitable stance."

I understood your point perfectly fine; it's just stupid. How do you live in a capitalist society and not understand that corporations 'morality' is to remain loyal to whatever generates profit first and foremost? It appears to be your literacy skills that are the issue.

"I wanted highlight the motives behind them"

Yo buddy. Do I have to just quote my first comment to you every time you speak? Let's read through what I said again:

"Corporations back whatever promises the best return. It's why Chick-fil-a can go from backing anti-LGBT charities years ago, and then completely flip on that position once it proves to be the less profitable stance."

Maybe brush up on your reading comprehension for a while, yeah? Then you can start engaging in political discussion.

DerfDerf1030d ago


It's simply facts. Whether you believe it or it fits your narrative is irrelevant.

Look up The First Step act. It's an act that releases formerly incarcerated individuals and helps them transition back into society after minor offenses like cocaine. A lot of these arrests happened after drugs like crack became prevalent in the 70's. The people most heavily affected by this were black Americans. This Act gets them out of prison and back to their families. Trump is also helping those former inmates with housing, finding employment and providing them with other necessities they may need.

Trump restored HBCU funding. That provided an additional $250million dollars to black colleges. The person who cut that funding? President Obama. Granted there were many factors in that cut but it was still a direct contradiction to what Obama had promised.

Trump also put together opportunity zones for low income areas to entice companies to come to those areas and help build them up. It has provided jobs for black workers while also increasing property values which goes a long way when it comes to things like refinancing. It also helped boost local small businesses because of the tax relief for being a part of the community and giving back to it.

The guy isn't as bad as the media wants you to believe he is. Trump wasn't hated by media before he decided to run. It wasn't until he decided he was going to stir the pot that they turned against them. Go back and watch when he first announced he was going to run. Everyone was so excited. Guys like Jimmy Fallon were praising him on his show. Trump has been a major figure in America dating back to the 80's. There is a reason Jesse Jackson used to praise him and he was friends with Al Sharpton. It wasn't until he started talking about how politicians and media have failed the American people that he became an enemy.

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ziggurcat1031d ago

I don't recall them saying it's going to "stop racism." It's recognizing an atrocity, and paying their respects to someone who was unjustly murdered.

Complaining about a 2 hour inconvenience or whining about it being "pandering" or "just doing it for brownie points" only shows just how tone deaf people can be.

1030d ago
cartman3131030d ago

Give me a break Zig. It's pandering and virtue signaling. No one shut down services or paraded a fucking casket around for Justine Damond, Tony Timpa, or Daniel Shaver(I dare you to watch this one) just to name a few. There is a narrative being pushed for political reasons and you idiots eat it up for social media points.

yomfweeee1031d ago

Escaping real world is not a solution to problems.

NecrumOddBoy1031d ago

This! Address the issues then back to gaming.

esemce1031d ago

It's basically a publicity stunt with all these big companies.

leemo191031d ago

I get where your coming from, but you know perfectly well when it comes to any political thing on this site or any other gaming site talking about political stuff its going to be train-wreck discussion since lots of people don't want to hear different opinion.

GamingSinceForever1031d ago

Fighting racism starts when some learn when to just STFU. Hasn’t Drew Brees taught you anything?

The_Sage1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

I sure as hell don't want them to give money to bail out someone that got caught for thieft, arson, or violence against other people. WTF?.. Those people have committed crimes and need to be punished, if found guilty.

GameZenith1030d ago

Its more symbolic which I respect.

CaptainObvious8781030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

I wonder if they'll also shut down the servers, not just for a criminal (was still despicable what happened to Mr. Floyd), but also for David Dorn, a black cop (not that the colour of his skin should matter, but it matters to racists) that was shot dead because he was defending a property and some lowlife wanted a tv.

Or I wonder if this is just another pathetic display of virtue signalling from a company that doesn't actually care at all?

Neonridr1030d ago

I'm sure those people can find something else to do with their time. Go do something else constructive. It can't be that hard..

medman1030d ago

Quit your whining.

Chriswynnetbh1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

This stops racism because it forces people who would otherwise pretend this shit isn't happening to pay attention. African Americans don't have the luxury of escaping racism because they live it every single day of their lives and that is exactly what white privilege is. White privilege is having the ability to "escape" what is going on because it does not affect you and by doing so you are saying you are okay with the injustices happening to those groups. Silence is violence.

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Lore1031d ago

Is it wrong to ask how long servers will be down for?

ziggurcat1031d ago

They said 2-4pm today right in the tweet.

Shiken1030d ago

So server maintenance...

Knightofelemia1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Dumbest move ever that's where you make your cash when kids trick their parents into buying them shark cards. There are other ways to mourn the dead all you're going to get at the end of the day is a bunch of pissed off kids who could give two shakes about George Floyd.

Lore1031d ago

^ The first sentence of your comment