4 hardest boss fights in Xbox history

Boss fights are unique experiences. Typically, they require using skills built over the course of a level or even the entire game up to that point. While many can be driven to the point of frustration by them, the sense of accomplishment from finishing off a particularly difficult boss is unparalleled.

As tough as a game may be, its boss fights are the true proving ground for players. And the venerable Xbox console has many memorable boss fights found through its generations.

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CobraKai419d ago

Such an odd count for a list. 4. Usually it’s multiples of 5. I think Ninja Gaiden got a bad rap for it’s difficulty. I never had any real problems beating the game. Raam was a pain, but not really difficult. I guess if played on a difficulty higher than normal.

Movefasta1993419d ago

If you beat Raam on normal then you have no idea how annoying he is.

Hungryalpaca418d ago

Best gears on the hardest difficulty. Have the achievement for it. Raams not very hard. Annoying yes but not hard.

Sciurus_vulgaris419d ago

I beat Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden:Black multiple times. I never found Alma to be that difficult.

giovonni418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

As soon as I read the title Dr. Khal came to mind. That Son of a BI$&h! It took me almost a month just to beat him.

rockwhynot418d ago

Ram was tough on highest difficulty. Imlereth boss fight in The Witcher 3 was hard. Ciri's fight vs the 3 crones in that game was tough too. Also the heretic boss fight in Halo 2 as the arbiter was no joke.

JonTheGod418d ago

God of War - Valkyrie Queen