Mafia Remake development comparable to Resident Evil 2, says Hangar 13

Hangar 13 compares the developement of Mafia Remake with Resident Evil 2.

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criticalkare386d ago

yeah but your using mafia 3 engine.... re2 remake is using RE engine which is more polished than your engine....

Army_of_Darkness386d ago

Who even asked for a mafia remake anyways?!

Razmiran386d ago

Mafia 1 is a great game and I def wanted a remake
Not in the hands of these clowns tho

BrettAwesome386d ago

I did. I'm the reason they're making it. They do it just for me 😍

TheColbertinator386d ago

Me. I love the game but I'd rather play it rebuilt.

sushimama386d ago

I didn't ask, BUT I'm glad they did because I WANT IT. Like yesterday. I can't wait to play it

smolinsk385d ago

Everyone asked for a Mafia 1 remake. One of the most sought after games and best games ever made.

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RaidenBlack386d ago

They better or the OG Mafia PC fans are gonna hunt that hangar down.

BrettAwesome386d ago

That's right! And we'll find 'em and END them!

FlavorLav01386d ago

Just played through 2 for the 1st time, amazing game imo. Never played 1 either, and I cannot wait actually! Very excited

exputers386d ago

Ok now I make one like them

smolinsk386d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.