Cancelled THQ Avengers FPS Gameplay Surfaces

Check out theTHQ Avengers FPS gameplay within that surfaced today! This is from the Xbox 360 build and was supposed to tie in to the 2012 movie.

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ArchangelMike65d ago

I can see why they cancelled it, even for a X360 / PS3 game.

excaliburps65d ago

Yeah. I mean, it's unfinished, but yeah. Didn't look good.

gamesftw25065d ago

Well it is a test build so definitely a little rough around the edges but I imagine the story is probably where it fell flat.

Christopher64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

This is pre-Alpha demo material for the publisher/IP holder, not even close to anything of what the actual game would look like in alpha stage. This is pretty much selling the core concept and not much else.

Nitrowolf264d ago

from what I gathered this was supposedly playable from start to finish as a full game. Not sure how true that is, read the full version sitting with the ceo of thq

Khalina64d ago

The beginning already is killing me. I am imagining Iron Man walking around like a T rex with those hands.

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Da12RespectA64d ago

First of all. I would like to thank them for canceling this bs. Second of all I'd like a formal apology for showing us this bs

Relientk7764d ago

Looking at this footage, I see so many Green Goblins lol


1Victor64d ago

They’re skrulls not green goblins you know like the guy passing as nick fury on far from home movie

excaliburps64d ago

What's weird is, why an FPS though? You can't can't be just playing Iron Man's POV the entire time. I imagine, playing the Hulk or Thor in first-person won't be that exciting?

Fishy Fingers64d ago

Watch the video. It's not just Iron Man the entire time.

Rodney2564d ago

This is overwatch before overwatch was a thing. Would this technically been ahead of its time?

AK9164d ago

Yeesh looks rough honestly glad it happened.

Hungryalpaca64d ago

If you saw the test footage of any game you’d say the same. They ALL look this bad.

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