Avengers Xbox Series X release also offers graphics or framerate priority

Avengers' Xbox Series X release will also offer the same choice between an Enhanced Graphics Mode or High Framerate mode already confirmed for PS5, Crystal Dynamics has told Stevivor.

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Minute Man 721694d ago

This is some bad optimization. PS5 n XsX can do better

Tacoboto694d ago

We haven't seen the next gen versions yet so we don't know how locked the 60fps will be or how close to 4k that dynamic resolution will be...

Minute Man 721694d ago

I read these games will be BC/FC

ocelot07694d ago

For all we know it could be 4k 30 with ray tracing or 4k 60 without.

BenRC01693d ago

only me and you have a 4k/120fps TV so they'd be locking out 99% of gamers.

DarXyde694d ago

Developers can make any game 4K or 60fps, and even both at some compromise.

There is literally always compromise of some kind. If your games run at 60fps, you're missing details. If your games run with extreme detail, 16X MSAA, and ray tracing, your frames are gonna suffer.

Wherever a developer places priority is where it's going to be. I'm very okay with using a performance mode for all games.

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RaiderNation694d ago

What?? You mean to tell me the "tower of power" has to have two modes as well?

boing1694d ago

How? Unless PS5 has the same. Otherwise It doesn't compute from the difference.

lazyboyblue694d ago

Sorry I thought the 😏 was enough to indicate that I was kidding.

Smclaren1985694d ago

Yeah most developers are going to push graphics as per usual as it sells better unfortunately. It’s great there including both modes though. What I like about Sony is there not touting every game will be the 60 FPS standard it’s up to developers. Microsoft are touting is as standard just like the Xbox one x then they retracted it later. I also don’t hear Sony taking swings at series x. All I hear is Microsoft saying this and that about ps5 it’s extremely distasteful promotes an extreme lack of class

DJStotty694d ago

Where are Microsoft touting every game will be 60fps? Source please

Lennoxb63694d ago

MS never said every game will be 60 fps. They said their first party games will be.

Smclaren1985693d ago (Edited 693d ago ) Djstotty... here is just one of the sources Arron Greenberg touting 60 FPS standard ! Microsoft did the exact same before Xbox one x aswell Executive Aaron Greenberg wrote: ‘the bar is high for a game to be Xbox Series X Optimized. Way beyond just 4K… hope you all are ready for an exciting future of console gaming!’

He later added, in response to a fan, that 60 frames per second would be the standard but the console can support upwards of 120fps. Here is another website pointing it out aswell I can find plenty more?!!! It’s deceptive marketing as usual by expressly suggesting 60fps will be the standard but not being specific. There’s videos on YouTube of Phil Spencer touting 60fps standard for Xbox one x aswell and by the way I am not a fanboy I enjoy both Sony lie in there marketing too they have done it aswell touting 120 FPS and the like when in reality it will have to be extremely toned down to hit that Aswell as well as 60 FPS too. Developers will choose to push graphics as per usual right back to ps1 and even before

Smclaren1985693d ago

I don’t mean any harm to you brother none whatsoever I’m just telling you not to fooled by the clever disingenuous marketing from both sides Sony too

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FanboySpotter694d ago

Next gen can do both. Why is there a "or"?

NVMGaiden694d ago

They couldn't even get a last gen tomb raider game to run at double frames even when Gallagher was still heading the studio. CD are just poor technical engineers.

mkis007694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

Why do you people keep saying this nonsense like there is no limit to what next gen can do? Higher frame rates need power. power is also taken up by next gen graphics, physics, effects, and resolution. You dont just arbitrarily have a console capable of doing everything you ,the gamer, wants. Trade offs will happen forever.

You want high graphics, FPS, and res? Something else wont be as impressive.

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