Are Turn Based RPGs Dead in 2020?

NoobFeed writer Jake Skudder looks at the state of turn-based RPG games in 2020 following the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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PhoenixUp422d ago

Ima keep this simple and just say no

Both battle styles can easily coexist as they have for decades prior

kythlyn421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Having played turn-based RPGs for almost 35 years, I can say both that no, they're not dead, but also that for someone like me, they are pretty stale. It takes a really fresh twist on that kind of battle engine to keep things interesting, because at this point as a player I'm always relying on existing proven strategies rather than being forced to come up with new ones.

bouzebbal421d ago

They need to be more dynamic.. Dragon Quest was cool but the turn based was yaaaaaaawn

jambola421d ago

they need to change to appeal more to the people who don't like them?
and not stay the way the fans of it like?

oasdada421d ago

Yeah just like petsona 5 that is doing pretty good both critically and commercialy.. dunno what numbskull wrote this article

kenpachi422d ago

Persona 5 Royal says different

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KiRBY3000421d ago

Yakuza : Like a Dragon comes to mind

SegaGamer422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

"The original Final Fantasy VII sold in excess of 9 million. NINE MILLION COPIES. That puts FFVII just behind Gran Turismo as the second biggest game of the PlayStation 1 era.

When is the last time that a turn-based RPG game reached those sorts of heights? Well, FF8, FF10 and FF12 sold a huge amount of copies during their lifespan, with Final Fantasy 10 selling around 8 million units, making it the 5th biggest game on PlayStation 2.

But what about right now? What turn-based RPG games really top the charts in the same way that these classics did?"

This is an unfair argument against other turn based role playing games. I can turn this around and say how many action JRPG games sell that many copies in the west? The answer is none. Final Fantasy will always sell well because of it's name and the amount of marketing that goes with it. If Final Fantasy 7 Remake was turn based, it would still have sold as well as it has done.

As for turn based rpg's not topping the charts anymore, the person writing this article answers his own quetsion. It was only Final Fantasy that was topping those charts before, well, Final Fantasy and Pokemon to be more accurate. Turn based and action based JRPG's in general don't sell as massively as these two series in the west. I personally think that is down to marketing, no other JRPG series get's the same level of marketing as these two do.

I wonder how much better Persona 5 would have done and Dragon Quest XI if those games had received the same level of marketing that the latest Final Fantasy and Pokemon games received.

FinalFantasyFanatic421d ago

That and Turn-based aren't as common anymore, companies like Square-Enix are shocked that Bravely Default sells as well as it does due to the old school story and turn-based mechanics.

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Black-Helghast421d ago

Pretty sure darkest dungeon isn't dead, there's a sequel coming out and that's just one turned based RPG that's coming.

Poopmist421d ago

Wasteland 3 comes out in a couple months and Persona 5 Royal just came out

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The story is too old to be commented.