Rumour Buster: No, Rare Didn't Almost Make Games For The PlayStation During The N64 Era

There may well have been some talk amongst Rare staff about working on the PlayStation – after all, it was the machine that offered the largest potential audience – but as Mayles says, Rare's strength was that it could push the N64 hardware to new limits and its titles sold very well on that console as a result. While shifting focus to PlayStation might have made sense on one level, the competition on that console could well have drowned out Rare's games – and there would have been the additional issue of the developers having to quickly get to grips with a new platform.

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ApocalypseShadow281d ago

Rumor was obviously a rumor. But we see the end results. Even though Rare was cool back then, Nintendo did fine without them. Sony did fine without them. And Rare broke up and became a shadow of itself after being purchased. With their reputation not being what it once was.

The funny part is the Nintendo fans in the article raging. GameFan was actually a good mag. It was pure gaming without all the ads everywhere like the other mags. If there were any, it was few and far between. With each review person having their own console and game preferences. To see some guys rip into the entire mag because one person reviewed a PS1 game over N64 version is funny. Without knowing his personal reasons since he can't respond back.

But when you think of Rare with fond memories, is it who they were or who they are now? Makes things easy. Because other developers that existed then and now are fondly remembered THEN AND NOW. Can't say the same for Rare.

VenomUK281d ago

I was around at the time, I never heard or read that rumour, in fact this tiny segment of this mag is the only time I’ve heard it. It sounds like the unnamed writer took creative license.

nowitzki2004281d ago

Same here. And Rare was my favorite company in 90s. Now we have a rumor about a rumor.

AK91281d ago

I didn't even know this rumour existed but even I know its BS, its honestly a shame Rare didn't stick with Ninty during the Gamecube/Wii era Banjo 3 could've been an awesome game and Viva Pinata would've gotten more attention on the Wii imo.