Final Fantasy's Best Battle Systems, Ranked

Final Fantasy has gone through a variety of battle systems over the years, some of which provide more challenge and strategy than others.

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Runechaz244d ago

Well well.. the best battle systems is NOT the button mashing one

kythlyn244d ago

I'd put the FFX battle engine higher on the list. Would like to see another take on that (that's not a mobile game).

jambola244d ago

This sites favorite is not the button mashing one

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iQuasar244d ago

Final Fantasy Xii battle system is so underrated. I wish it would make a return.

curtain_swoosh244d ago

5, 7, 8, 10, 10-2, 13-2 and 7-remake. TCtics was great too
didnt like the MMO approach 12 had at all imo.

Kados244d ago

Really shouldn't use X-2 as an example of the ATB. It had arguably the worst combat system of all, next to XVs. Half of every battle was just watching 2 characters run hugging each other in the middle of the combat area due to multiple characters trying to attack at the same time, and bad pathing.

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