Could Super Mario Galaxy 3 Ever Hope to Top the First Two Games?

As gamers elebrate Super Mario Galaxy 2's 10th anniversary, let’s reflect on how Nintendo threw everything it had into its amazing sequel.

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Einhander197169d ago

Amazing games, but could Mario Galaxy 3 ever top the originals. Would love to find out but I cant see Nintendo ever producing another unfortunately:(

Zodiac68d ago

Part of the appeal was how fresh Galaxy was when it released. A third one would be just that - a third Galaxy game, and while the content could be better, sure, the "awe" factor wouldn't be there. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is what the team ultimately wanted to include and I think new settings is the way to go.

I don't anyone is upset we got Odyssey instead of a Galaxy 3

Iceman100x68d ago

No that's why it doesn't exist, and never will.

WeAreLegion68d ago

How have seen how creative devs have gotten with platformers in VR? Some of Nintendo's teams would thrive in that medium.

WeAreLegion67d ago

It's excellent. Hoping we get another on PSVR2.

WeAreLegion67d ago

Have you*

I screwed that one up. Haha.

RosweeSon68d ago

Yep. They do it time and time again plus they’ve had years to come up with something epic. 2 was good but it was like a super Mario world set up with the levels and just felt to me a bit like it was lots of levels they had left over from galaxy 1 and sure they made some
But yeah just felt like they made a super Mario world type game out of it, not 2d of course just with the world map etc. Prefer 1 myself. 3 could top it tho for sure.

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