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VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "So then, is The Wonderful 101 Remastered worth your time and money? If you didn’t play the original game, absolutely. It certainly has its flaws, but you can tell it's very much a passion product that, for the most part, is fun. At $40 and with a high degree of replayability, it’s certainly worth it for newcomers. For returning players, there’s unfortunately not much reason to buy it, unless you have a PC and are willing to shell out $40 for some improved technical features. To be quite frank, calling this game a Remaster is a misnomer. This is simply a port to next generation platforms, taking advantage of the better technology to boost framerate and resolution. And that’s disappointing, honestly, because there were so many ways that the original could have been improved upon with relatively little effort. Returning players will still find the fun game they knew back from 2013, but don’t expect to have any of the problems you had back then addressed now."

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ccgr73d ago

I didn't like the original's controls