Chrono Trigger 3: Will we ever get a sequel?

Chrono Trigger — considered by many to be the grandfather of modern role playing games — is one of those rare games that merits buying an old console to play. The product of Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy), Yuji Horii (Dragon Quest), and Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), this title established the standards that would define the RPG genre for years to come. 

Fans expected great things from the Chrono Trigger franchise. Critics and players praised the original entry's gameplay, graphics, humor, and story, and it topped sales charts in both Japan and North America. It received several accolades, and has been lauded as one of the greatest video games of all time by multiple outlets. 

Though the 1999 followup, Chrono Cross, was generally well-received, the series lost much of its steam over the following decades. What happened and how did this affect the possibility of a Chrono Trigger 3? Here's what you need to know.

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spwittbold389d ago

Where was Chrono Trigger 2? Cross was not a "sequel" but rather loosely connected game of the same Genre sort of like how Xenoblade Chronicles is loosley tied to Xenoblade.

meganick389d ago

I think you meant loosely tied to Xenosaga.

porkChop389d ago

I think they just meant the third Chrono game. Odd way to refer to it though.

Razmiran389d ago

There is no xenoblade game without "Chronicles" in the name

Shiken389d ago

Seems you either did not play Cross, or you just did not understand it.

Cross was in every sense a true sequel. It was a DIRECT sequel, but it did take place in the same world with a plot that was in direct consequence to the events of CT. Haters really need to get over that fact.

Cross had pacing issues however, even though it was a fantastic game. This does lead to a few misconceptions about how tightly the games are actually tied together.

Immagaiden389d ago

Loosely connected? A large part of the plot points of Chrono Cross happened directly because of what happened with Chrono Trigger.

CrimsonWing69389d ago

Chrono across was a sequel to Chrono Trigger.

You go to Luca’s home and Robo is in the game for chrissakes.

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Fraggle1987389d ago

I would give my left nut for another chrono game.

Razmiran389d ago

Im guessing no, they have said a few times that the lack of chrono projects was due to most of the the people behind leaving

Shiken389d ago

Same! I loved Trigger, Cross, and even made sure to play Radical Dreamers. So much untapped potential!

DefaultComment389d ago

I love chrono trigger but if we have to be realistic, I seriously doubt we will ever get any sequels. not so sound like a heartless guy but Chrono trigger was en experiment during the 90's era for SquareSoft, from 1992-1996 they did lots of RPG games, of course Chrono Trigger was special in its own way, mainly due to history changes and whatever you do choices do altered the story's plot. aside that the combat was quite unique.
Nowadays unfortunately a game like that won't appeal the mainstream, time travel? Been there done that, RPG turn style(today considered obsolete) Not to mention that right now Square Enix is not exactly in a position to take big risk and investment,
Unless they do something like what they did with Street of Rage 4, meaning an small indie studios make a game form scratch licensed by Square Enix or make the game with a low budget like they did with bravely Default and Octopath traveler, I doubt we will Chrono trigger back.

CrimsonWing69389d ago

If we do, how much do you want to bet it’ll be a mobile game that only gets released in Japan?

I mean, Capcom did it with Breath of Fire 6!

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